Wednesday, January 25, 2012

everybody's got a cousin in miami

it's the week of homie!

my brother homie is proving to be an awesome videographer.  he should really consider it as a second profession.  maybe he could be a wedding videographer.  what do you think, homie?

anyway, this is a video from when homie was in... junior high?  maybe elementary school... in any case, he is still friends with joe in the video - he was in his wedding last year.  i admire that.  i'm not really friends with anyone from elementary school.

ok, i'm on a flight and got totally distracted.  homie is awesome.  and was (and is!) super cute when he was young.  this was really fun for me to watch again and because i have no idea what i'm saying (the guy next to me is talking about flying and i'm trying to stay engaged...).

ok, enjoy.


  1. that's weird cause I just watched this video like 2 days ago and now you put it on your blog! favorite parts:
    1. Get back in here Jimmy!
    2. You dancing crazy.

  2. this is one of my all-time favorite videos. thanks for posting it for eternity