Friday, January 27, 2012

hot mess

hi.  that actually is a song title.  not autobiographical.  well, it might be.  i'm not sure.  i didnt write it, so not autobiographical for ME, but maybe for the author.  anyway, its 10:15pm.  i am up waaay tooo late.  this is the latest i have been up all week.  i've been asleep by 9:30 most days.  i am hoping to get up by 4:30 tomorrow.  i have to get to the office by 6:30 or so... 7 at the latest.  i have a few meetings in the morning and that sucks.  then i take off for phoenix.  i am hoping it will be a good trip.  conference and all.  those are stressful because i have to be "on" all the time.  ugh.

anyway, after work i ran to the salon to get a pedicure (can't go to a conference with gnarly feet!) and then stopped in the regency room (yum) and got a glass of wine with some food.  i couldnt drink it because i was on my way to a massage.  i love love love getting a massage while in sac.  i could TELL i was sore everywhere.  mostly because the massage hurt and i kept tensing up (which i NEVER do).  i think its because of all the yoga i've been doing.  its building strength and my muscles are being worked.  sigh.  i have a little ritual when i come to sac.  massage around 6pm.  for 1.5 hrs with hot stones.  then i walk back to the hotel stopping at the beat, which is a cool record store and buy some cd's (this time i got chromeo, robyn, harry belafonte and harold melvin & the blue notes).  then i stop at mikuni's to get some sushi.  it was a great night.  i did all that.  now i'm back at my hotel room and really dead tired.  so i am going to bed.


  1. Good job on thinking ahead. You ordered a glass of wine that you couldn't drink.... makes sense.