Sunday, January 1, 2012

dead tired

wasted day.  pity to start the new year like this.  oops!  its 730pm and i have done a whole lot of nothing today.  well, i did go out for brunch at metropolis (never been - pretty good, actually) with kc and their friends.  that was nice.  prior to that, i was in bed until 1130 or something.  elaine called and we chatted for a while.  i played some settlers on my ipad.  a whole lot of nothing, like i said.  after that, i came home and was supposed to meet my friend emily on her way to the airport, but she ended up not having time, so i have basically been half sleeping / half watching tv for the last few hours.  i need to get off my ass and do some things.  there are actually a lot of things to do.  i have to clean my closet and unpack (how long have i been saying this?? at least a month) and do expense reports and finish watching the increasingly bad decisions of todd margaret.  and i think i'll do some yoga since i'm supposed to do that basically every day.

sigh.  tomorrow i'm going to a massage at 8am - woo hoo!  and then i think i'll do my expense reports because a and d come over at 3 to hang with me.  woo hoo.  so thats the day tomorrow.  then this week will be super busy at work.  i have all day meetings multiple days and then events in the evening.  it will be exhausting.

i'm already tired.

this is an interesting story.  i dont think i am counted.

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  1. i thought fargo was near the top of that list recently..?