Monday, January 2, 2012

things that are making me happy

i'll just make a list.
  1. portlandia is coming back!!!  this show is so subtle with their humor - i love it.  and if you ever want to make fun of me or other left-leaning people, you should totally watch this show.  on ifc.
  2. i loved this article about love actually. it made me laugh. i love humorous writing.
  3. and i love christmas movies.
  4. obviously everything rg related
  5. which leads you to this 
  6. this little girl is so cute.  from here.  i'm sure all my friends raising kids who are fearful of them being "boxed" into a sex will love this.

  1. motivation for me to keep going in yoga
  2. i was very happy (/sad) to see jonathan brandis on this.  the rest were good old fun of 90s heartthrobs.  is that one word?  heart throb.  heartthrob. found here 
  3. and here is a video my brothers made