Saturday, December 31, 2011

new years eve

so tonight i'm going to kc's house for some food and games and... bubbly!  of course, i had a little bubbly at home while i was getting ready.... but then my glass was empty.

i'm not REALLY sad - see?

oh ha.  i guess i didnt really take a picture of me smiling.  thats an almost smile.

anyway, happy new year!  what are you doing tonight??


  1. We took the family out to eat. Grandma too. They we took Grandma home and stopped at the Riverview New Years party. There was the cutest man dancing with all the ladies. He looked to be in his mid eighties. Very distinguished looking. Dark blue pants, grey jacket, white hair. I thought he was a resident of Riverview Place. I got a chance to read his name tag. It read, "Maurice - Volunteer"!!!!!!