Friday, December 30, 2011

there'll be much mistle-toeing and...

eek.  i tried to post yesterday but kept getting distracted.  its on my list of things to do today.  that and work.  i have a lot of work to do.  oops.


ok, so i started that yesterday and never finished.  i keep getting distrctated at work.  too much going on but nothing really important.  ANYWAY, i was planning to write about our furnace.

so tuesday i fly back from FAR.  i went in to the office and then went directly to donate platelets.  i was sitting in the comfy chair watching downton abbey when higgi called.  blood is draining from my arm when he asks in a slightly-higher-pitched voice "what are YOU doing?"  and i replied "well, i'm donating platelets.  what are YOU doing?"  "well, i'm standing in a few inches of water."  this is not normal.  "whyyy?" i asked.  he then went on to explain that he was in the laundry room when he heard a hissing noise and wondered what it was.  he went into our storage area and discovered our furnace gushing water.  good thing he was home because he knew to turn off the water for the whole building.  i would have probably stood there and gawked.  anyway, long story short: we had no heat and no water.

donating platelets takes 2 hours+ so i got home around 9.  no update.  just a pile of muddy water in (can water "pile"? probably not.  rephrase to whatever works) the storage room, furniture in the dining room rearranged, wet rug, china out of the china cabinet, etc.  it was a massive mess and there was really nothing i could do.

i had originally planned to go home, drink a large glass of water (because i had just donated platelets) and go to bed.  i only got 4 hours of sleep the night prior because i was packing and then had a 5am flight (read: wake up at 3am).  so i was tired.  and drained (literally!  they drained some of my blood!).  but i couldnt drink water because we had no water and therefore i didn't want to have to go to the bathroom.  and i couldnt go to bed because i knew i HAD to shower in the morning 1) because its gross not to 2) because my hair was super greasy so i would've had to anyway and 3) i had a laser hair appointment wed night and you have to shave the day of the appointment.  so i needed water.  we didn't know if we would have water the next night, so higgi told me to go ot bed and he would wake me if we werent able to shower in the morning.  this was a problem because i dont belong to a gym anymore so have no "backup" shower.  higgi suggested i call a friend to use her shower.  i texted her and she said that was fine and to go over to her place at 7.  usually i am out of the shower before 7, so that was kind of unfortunate.  the more i thought about it, the more i was convincing myself i needed to check into a hotel.  1) i needed to drink water (which would lead me to needing the bathroom) 2) i had to shower for various reasons and 3) i needed to wash my hands to take out my contacts AND brush my teeth.  plus, i found it awkward to shave in someone else's shower.

so finally at 10:15, i went downstairs and i told higgi that i was going to check into the hyatt.  it was only $135 before tax.  homie pointed out that it sounded like a good excuse to get more points (he's right!  and that thought didn't not dross my mind, of course).  as higgi and i are discussing it, and the doorbell rings.  saved!  it was the heater dude.  so he came and apparently we have some floating bob thing in this black tank outside of the furnace that tells the water system when to put water into the furnace.  that bobby thing was weighted down so our system just kept putting more and more water into the furnace even thought it didnt need it.  it released through the pressure valve (which is what higgi saw).  the dude said we could turn on the water again and just keep the heater off.  so we did that.  and i didnt have to check into a hotel.  phew.

what would you have done?