Saturday, December 17, 2011

mele kalikimaka

i'm writing from 10,000 miles up.  no.  thats too far.  feet.  feet!  10,000 feet up.  except i think its more now.  35,000 feet.  i know a lot of people don't like it, but i really like delta.  they are pretty cool.  they are nice to me.  they write back when i tweet about them.  they did not upgrade me today (fail), BUT i am in the process of becoming a platinum flyer.  THAT is pretty cool.

yesterday was kind of a fail for me.  i was super busy at work and didn't end up getting my 3 main things done.  so i have to work now on my vacation.  which is ok, i guess... i really want to get my stuff done this weekend, though.  then after that, my coworker helped me bring 12 bottles of wine home (15 were delivered to me at work - oops!) and then she stayed at my place and we finished a bottle of wine.   that was all fine and good.  what was not is that i forgot that i had to go to the gym to pick up 12 one-day passes i had purchased in a groupon.  yesterday was the end of the groupon.  i have now lost the ability to go to the gym 12 times for free (or whatever i paid for it).  crappy.  groupon wins!  i hate that! another fail from yesterday was that i didn't get to organize my closet.  i started, but didn't get far.  i was tired and had to do stupid yoga.  AND i had to pack.  so i went to bed instead (after doing yoga).  and i got up at 4:14 to go to the bathroom and go back to bed until 4:30am and then got up and packed THREE suitcases!!! i love it.  i love my new luggage.  AND i have this really cool thing that my parents got me and EVERYONE at the airport was talking about it!!  i mean, everyone.  i was trying to board the plane and one of the gate agents STOPPED me to talk to me about it.  it was cool.

my faaaaavorite time of year!!!!  woo hoo!! i'm so excited to be going home.  i never get excited about anything.  THIS i get excited for.  so fun!  and i ALREADY picture being at home with my parents in their new house.  i dont even picture the old house anymore.  i've only been there once!  thats weird.

i was going to write about something else, but i can't remember...

so you know i love christmas decorations.  and i love creative things. so i love these!  here were no decorations at my house, but there will be at my parents....!!! (there better be!!)

it makes me want to create a fun tree at their house made of books - so fun!

and just a bit ago, homie sent me this great story.  it made me smile.  and also, this made me smile.  i want a bathroom to redo and make pretty like that.


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