Monday, December 19, 2011

oye como va

gaw!  quick post.  in fargo.  the main 5 people who read this are also in fargo and i hung out with them sat and sun, so i didnt write yesterday.  i wanted to work online last night but wasnt able to.  now i feel like i have work hanging over my head.  its annoying.  (oh, and by wasnt able to - i literally mean my company's internet didnt allow me to - not like i didnt make time for it.  i DID).  ugh.  anyway, today i just woke up at 10, showered, and am now going to head out for lunch with kj.  my dad is sitting next to me and he is ordering glasses for me.  woo hoo!  drinking glasses.  not eyeglasses.  we saw some cool ones at the ho do the other night and my dad sells them, so now we're getting them!  (we = both me and higgi AND my parents - there are 2 dozen in a case so i'll take a dozen and they will keep a dozen).  anyway, lunch with kj, then downtown to look for last-minute xmas gifts.  then to pick up mom and go to herbergers to get gifts.  tonight i'll do some work.  tomorrow night i'm hanging with the boys.  gonna play le tennis with homie and then he and i are going to a movie with player.  it should be fun.  me and the boys.  oh, and can i just tell you how much i love my brothers?? they are so cute!  and funny!  and smart.  we played whist with gma last night and it was so much fun.  i really enjoyed it.

ok, so i have to get going.  cant let anyone see me with this hair!

oh wait.  i just did.  oops!


  1. your hair looks great! Where are those other pictures you took?

  2. Playing whist with grandma is hilarious! "there's no room in my butt..."

  3. Girl - You have mega hair! Can you tame that beast?