Friday, December 16, 2011

one and the same

friday.  sighday.  i can't believe i've made it through this week.  its been busy.  and yesterday was a cluster.  i didn't even do anything crazy on wed night!  i just went out for christmas dinner with kc and the sunshine band.  the issue is that i mixed alcohol.  rookie mistake.  i'm certain of it.  i had red wine at work while we wrapped gifts for the less fortunate.  then i went to their place for a glass of bubbly.  on to the resto (my fav! towne) and then a whiskey cocktail and red wine with dinner.  after that we went for a night cap at the place across the street (boston social club...?) and then i went home.  i was home by 11pm.  i even put a load of laundry in when i got home!  i awoke at about 2am wanting to DIE and not sure if i would survive the night.  when i got up at 7am (for an 830 meeting!) i didn't feel much better.  it was a struggle all day yesterday.  sigh.

so last night i came home and cleaned my room a bit.  my little was going to come over to pick up her xmas gift, but of course didn't come until 2 hours after she said she was going to.  i ordered pizza, ate it and watched tv.  i forgot i had some work to do for a client in asia, so i logged on quickly and did that and then... dum dum dum... i did yoga!  i was sooo not feeling it.  but i've already skipped twice this week (sun and tue) and so i had to do it.  then i went to bed.

homie called me at midnight.  i had no idea what was going on.  he called because some girl he was with said there was a home invasion of a mansion and a murder in boston.  i was surprised - i hadn't heard anything about it.  he asked me something else i think.  i can't remember.  i was half asleep.  if i ever call homie and am about to say goodbye he's hard-pressed to say he loves me.  but he sure does when he's asking me for something or when he's awoken me from slumber!  :)  i dont mind.

i've already showered today because i have to get going early this morning.  i have a laser appointment at 9am.  its for the bikini area.  i'm actually slightly nervous about it.  i've gotten my underarms done and i really like it.  this is scarier, though.

tonight i'm packing for my christmas holiday.  i need to do yoga and stop by the gym to pick up some passes.  i have to organize my closet, as well.  thats part of the packing process.  kind of.  i need to back up my computer, as well.  oh and call ups.  i had xmas gifts delivered to my parents old house -oops!  anyway, here's a cute video.

how has your week been?

[song by audioslave]



  2. that's crazy! i didnt hear about that... nor did my coworkers. i guess i dont hang with the right crowds...