Tuesday, December 6, 2011

i'd didn't think you'd care i didn't think you'd care

its tuesday morning. i am in bed. i can't get out. not literally - i already did get out, but now i'm back in. and i dont want to get out. i wanted to do yoga this morning, but now its too late, so i wont be able to. grr to me.
so yes, homie was right. i was caught in a flash mob last sunday at the pru in boston. it wasn't quite as dramatic as if someone right next to me had been dancing. i was shopping and walked into this open area of the mall and there were tons of people standing around waiting for something to happen. so i waited. and i KNEW who was in the mob - they were all wearing jeans and ugg-type boots. mostly young girls. so i recorded it on my phone. BUT i can't figure out how to get it from my phone to my computer. i even tried uploading it directly from my phone and it said file too large. its so weird. maybe i'll be able to find it online or something. idk.
i texted my little yesterday. i was like "what happened on sunday?" and she wrote back "sorry, my phone broke and i didnt have your number." which i guess is fine. just kind of frustrating. she has a lot of phone problems. (i do not think she's trying to get out of seeing me - she calls me all the time to see if i can do something at the last minute.)
aha! i DID find it. i searched for flash mob boston pru. apparently there was some flash mob wedding a year or so ago. i didnt watch that since i have to go to work, but here is the mob i was in (saw?):
and this is how i found it.
last night i stayed at work until almost 7. then i walked to the pru area and had dinner, by myself!, at haru. it was sooo delish. i had a free roll that you have to use by dining in. i didnt even mind. they put me in a table away from everyone else, which i totally appreciated. i wasn't going to order a drink because i had yet to do my yoga for the day, until i saw this one drink.

of course i had to order that.

and then here are two of the three rolls i ordered. they were good. really good. the one on the left is the one i got for free (worth $18!) and it was so weird... it had no taste! the textures were good, but i kept slabbing on wasabi because it had no flavor. i told the waiter and he agreed! he even sat down and talked to me about it. it was cute. i might make that a ritual-type thing. go more often. i'll get a free roll every month and i didnt mind sitting there and reading a book. here is the book i was reading.
so i'm basically a genius. i think i figured out how to get the video from my phone to my computer. now i shall attempt to upload it. i didnt realize i was covering the sound...

[lyrics from ladyhawke song "morning dreams"]


  1. I wasn't impressed with that flash mob...

  2. Cool! That's lame though if most everyone knew...

  3. Yeah, I don't get it. I think i would have watched for a minute and then moved on.