Wednesday, December 7, 2011

ba humbug - ba you!

christmas is my favorite time of year. i love giving gifts. i love shopping for gifts. i love christmas songs and happiness in the streets. i love holiday decorations and silly red sweatshirts with rudolph on them. i love everything about christmas (except for that whole religious aspect - i don't dislike it, i just dont know anything about it).

unfortunately, i'm not sure everyone around me loves it as much as i do. my roommate doesn't like fake christmas trees and begrudgingly allowed me to put my tree up last year. i'm not even going to bother with it this year since i am leaving in ten days. if i lived alone, or had my own way, i would put the christmas tree up the weekend of thanksgiving and leave it up until at least new years eve (although i have been known to leave it up until valentines day). thats how much i love christmas decorations. my parents house better be decorated to the gills. i am going to revel in it. i should go spend more time around holiday decorations...

in any case, there will be none at my place this year. so i am putting pictures of tress up here. just for me to gaze at! i love the colorfulness of this one

and the symmetry of this one.

and of course, my grandpa loved blue lights on christmas trees.

and this one is pretty too.

send me a picture of your christmas tree and i'll put it up here!

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  1. I am embarrassed to show you a photo of my scrawny little tree. Let's just say it doesn't photograph well. We are totally on board with the "no fake trees" rule but have a little mini one anyway since we won't be here for Christmas so didn't want to bother with the whole real tree thing. Next year ... a real tree!
    Oh, and I used to LOVE going home to my mom's house at Christmas time. She definitely decorated "to the gills"!
    One more thing ... my trees ALWAYS come down on New Year's Day. No exceptions. (I run a tight ship.)