Thursday, December 8, 2011

perfect baby

one of the many podcasts i listen to is one of ted talks - speakers named ted (haha, not really, jk) talking to people about a certain subject. the most recent one on my podcast feed was very interesting for me. here it is

it discusses the fact that babies start learning in utero. and they learn about their culture and food preferences of their mom and hear sounds, etc. the subject gets a bit dark talking about hunger winter in holland and 911, but one main theme stayed with me: my sister-in-law can teach her baby to like SUSHI!! the only catch is that now i have to get my sister-in-law to like sushi.... ha. in any case, here is a list of foods that the baby should like:
all fruits
brussel sprouts

hmm... what else am i missing??


  1. Baby should like these things because you do?

    Good luck with the sushi!

  2. obviously this is tongue-in-cheek, but yes, that does make it easier for when i want to take her out to eat! :)

  3. so my friend hr pointed out that pregnant women aren't supposed to have fish... which i've heard and obvi i dont want sister-in-law to eat anything harmful. but how do the japanese do it then?? i can't imagine they just give up fish...

  4. I think it's raw fish that is the no- no. No?