Monday, December 5, 2011

bang the doldrums

normally mondays are my most favorite days. but i am dreading today at work. i didn't get in to the office this weekend to catch up on a lot of things and i really should have. i've started a new program at work and its taking a lot of time. and i dont want to neglect my other responsibilities, so i have to pick it up a bit.

so yesterday i was supposed to go out with my little. she never called. i couldnt get a hold of her. so... i have no idea what happened. i was slightly sad because i was going to take her to see either the muppets or hugo or that other christmas movie. it worked out bcs i had a ton of errands to run. so i did that and then watched arrested development.

my brothers and i have a bet going on. actually, they had a bet and i got in on it. its kind of a work out /get in shape / weight loss bet. there are different facets to it. the basics are that i have to do yoga 5 days out of 7 and if i dont lose weight over the next 90 days, then i have to buy tickets to see the timberwolves in msp. whoever loses buys the others tickets. i will end up buying my own airfare ticket, of course. should be fun! i just now have to remember to actually DO yoga every day. that will be tough.

sigh. i so don't want to go to work today.

[song by fall out boy.]

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