Friday, April 1, 2011

but something touched be deep inside

as i write this, i am sitting in my hotel room in ohio. this has been one beezarr trip. nothing normal is happening. its so weird. hopefully i'll have time to share them all with you, but it could be days worth...

i checked in on tuesday around noon. the lobby was empty. i walked right up to the dude at the front desk to check in and it wasn't until later that i realized i was in the "priority" lane or whatever. anyway, when i was checking in, the dude said "we have a promotion going on right now, you can choose one of the following three options...." one of the options was free internet, but i already get that for being platinum. the other was a free drink at the cafe kiosk on the 2nd floor. the final option was a free in-room movie. OBVIOUSLY i chose the in-room movie.

and its been a bit annoying the past few days (aside from weird stuff) because of the one fact that i have been busy at work and out so i haven't been able to just come to my hotel room and hang. so here is the game for tonight. there are only 3 movies that i was in the mood to watch. which one do you think i chose (in alphabetical order):
a. the dilemma (vince vaughan finds out his best friend's wife is cheating on him)
b. how do you know? (romcom w/ reese and paul rudddddd)
c. the tourist (johnny depp and angelina jolie in europe)

i have this uncanny ability to sleep in almost any situation. i keep hitting my legs because its really hard for me to stay awake right now. i want to go to sleep, but i want to watch my free movie more. but my body wants to be sleeping right now.

ok, movie is over. i need to sleep. let me know what you think i watched in the quiz and i'll reveal the answer in a few days...

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