Sunday, April 3, 2011

drove my chevy to the levy but the levy was dry

happy sunday! i'm actually in a decent mood today and sundays are perhaps growing on me. i'm at starbucks right now. my roomie comes here every sat and sun mornings to get work done and i figured i should do that today, as well. work = blogging, at least for me right now. oh, that reminds me, i have to go to the office today and get some stuff done... hmmm.... we had a pretty busy day at work last friday and i was traveling back to bos for half of it, so i'm slightly behind. yeah, so thats what i'll do. i'll sit here until 1130 or so... then head to pick up my little and take her to skating lessons. thats until about 4pm and then i'll drop her off. i should head directly to the office to do some work, print a cvs coupon, etc. then i'll head to cvs on my way home and be home in time to watch burlesque with the roommate. woo hoo! burlesque and wine and maybe some mela (the indian restaurant down the street that knows me by my order now). oh, and maybe i'll work with player tonight to finish his resume and have him start applying for jobs here in boston. woo hoo! that would be awesome if he lived with me for the summer. we would have SO MUCH FUN.

so last night was my friend [dave]'s birthday. we went to the gallows, which was really fun. we ended up being 14 instead of 12, so we were kind of majorly crammed at a table. but it was good fun and i had a burger that was delish. after that, we went to franklin cafe for a drink and i was mega tired, so i left after a glass of wine. i still need to unpack from my trip. i like having a clean room and really enjoy unpacking. is that stupid? probably.

anyway, i'd like to try meditating today, but not sure if i'll have time. and i kind of dont really know how to do it, so i need to have a guided meditation. not sure where to get that, either. i should start doing that every day. does anyone who reads this meditate? wanna give me some tips? i also am conflicted about yoga. i was trying to do it every day and was doing pretty well, BUT then i went to this thing where this fitness place said they think yoga isnt that great because it strengthens muscles that are already strong and we dont need more of that. so i stopped doing yoga. but now my muscles are oddly sore for no reason. and they were kind of weird to me at that place, so now i am super confused about what i should be doing. i know i should be doing whatever makes me feel good, but neither/both made me feel good. does that make sense? anyway, confusing.

ok, i'm gonna head home and skype with miss m before i head to the ice skating rink. in honor of my roommate, here is a funny video ya'll will enjoy.

found here. u like "eunice."

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