Monday, February 7, 2011

things that are making me happy

this should say "things that are making me EXTREMELY happy" because i LOVED it. it made me extremely happy.

last weekend on snl, which i like to watch online afterwards (i rarely watch it live - do you?) when they pull out the best clips, had a reunion of wayne and garth. i was in elementary school/junior high when the waynes world movies came out. i didn't know much about them being on snl at the time, BUT i loved the movies. i wonder if i loved the movies because my older cousin, dustin, liked them and i thought he was cool. and probably because i would watch them with my brothers and that was fun. so, anyway, when i found out that dana carvey was going to be back on snl, i thought "hmm... why? what is he promoting." i did not think "AWESOME! waynes world reunion!" silly me. so here's the clip (hopefully it works):

i used to have a waynes world impression, but from the movie. now i want to watch them again. are you a waynes world fan?

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