Tuesday, February 8, 2011

they say that my behavior is unacceptable

about a month from now, there will begin major flood preparation in fargo. its kind of crazy to think that the 100-year flood which last occurred in the 1890s, happened when i was in high school in 1997 (hence the 100-year flood) and then EACH of the past 3 years! (well, including this year - this will be the 3rd straight year of massive flooding in the red river valley.) the city has been saved from 3 major floods in 12 years. but can they do it again? i'm really hoping so. and i'm wishing people started moving faster to build permanent flood protection. its ridiculous that its taken this long and it could almost be done by now. grand forks was destroyed in 1997 and they now have flood protection. just because fargo wasn't destroyed, we haven't done anything about it. ridiculous.

last week there was an article in the wall street journal - wsj, people! - about oxbow, a community south of fargo (where my dad's best friend lived, actually) and how they will be sacrificed for the sake of the bigger city. its sad, but true: what is best for the greater good?

also last week, i was talking to a client who asked me when i was going to go home to help sandbag. i laughed, appreciating that he recognizes / remembers where i'm from, but i also felt really really guilty. i won't be there to help. and i'm a damn good sandbagger. and a really good director of traffic and teacher of proper sandbagging technique. and i'm not afraid to yell at all the football players for making the bags too heavy. alas, i have to depend on my family and friends and strangers. people i do not know - depending on them scares me. i hope people are starting to get in shape for long hours shoveling gravel into plastic bags. put your valuables in protective containers. back up your media and pictures. store things online. have food on hand. keep gas in your cars (in case you have to outrace the water). and keep me posted on everything that happens.

the river is wild.

[lyrics from harder to breathe by maroon 5 - in reference to the rivers behavior :)]