Sunday, February 6, 2011

are you ready for some football?

happy superbowl sunday folks. are you going to watch the game? i am indifferent to the game but like watching the commercials. last year i was alone in california at a friends house (who was out of town) and i watched the game and attempted to make homemade salsa that didn't really turn out ok... oops! this year higgi and i are having kc and the sunshine band over and we're making some food. i'm going to make homemade salsa and attempt chex mix. i have to go to the store and get some stuff today, so i should get on that. i also need to clean my room and organize things. lots of stuff to do! its gonna be a busy day!

in honor of the superbowl, i put a new poll up. i can't even remember the last time i did a poll! i had completely forgotten about them. i'll have to start them again... feel free to vote. oh, and then also put in here who you're cheering for.

cheering for. therein lies a dilemma for me. here is what i know:
  1. my family are die-hard vikings fans
  2. therefore, i am a vikings fan
  3. one of my best friends is a die-hard steelers fan
  4. steelers are known as blue-collar, hardworking folk (or at least pittsburgians are - are they pittsburgians? pittsburgers?)
  5. i like hardworking folk
  6. i dont like cheese
  7. my family hates the packers during the season
  8. therefore, i hate the packers during the season (actually couldnt care less, but you know...)
  9. i dont know what a packer is
  10. i dislike both of the team colors, so can't decide on that
and i'm trying to decide based on all that, but then there is this one thing that rings true for me:
  1. roethlisberger is a dick and a menace to society and women.
i think that trumps everything else and i'm going to have to cheer for the packers. oh, and our friends coming over today are from wisconsin, so they'll be cheering for them. i should just not make any waves during the party, right? but then that means i'll be making waves with my brothers... i think i'll have to take my chances. packers it is for me. sorry, homie.

superbowl has been everywhere in the news this week. i saved a few links that i thought would be funny to post here. i like cake wrecks and you should check out this post for fun stuff. i'll post 2 of the pics here for you to help decide who you are cheering for.

oh, and did i mention i just watch for the commercials? according to this, there are going to be some great commercials. (don't read it if you dont want to be surprised) i like funny commercials and will be rating the best ones here in the future... maybe...

ok, gotta get my day on.


  1. For the rest of the day, you are dead to me.

  2. sad. :( but you gotta do what you gotta do and i gotta do what i'm doin...

  3. Hello. Packers it is. It is OK for the Super Bowl champions to come from the same league as the Vikings. Once the Vikings are out then I'll probably cheer for the team with the Quarterback or Coach I like better.

  4. I lamely voted for 'other' because my main fun is the commercials but I can't deny my cheesehead past. It's gotta be the packers. (And by the way, I'm pretty sure it's a reference to meat packers - blue collar, hard working folks from our heartland.) I am bringing apples and a big chunk of Wisconsin cheddar OF COURSE! Too bad you don't like cheese!