Saturday, February 5, 2011

my name is

its friday night as i write this. am home watching brothers game. i like this. wish i were drinking, but i'm not for all of february. its a low scoring game and its currently tied. not loving that. ok, the other team just scored. darn.

anyway, i'm watching the game online. its a home game, which is nice because then i can listen to the sound from the video and its our own sportscasters. its not as fun to watch the opponents guys comment on the game. anyway, i'm not sure who monitors the video, but its not usually very good camera work. sometimes the game moves to the other side of the court and no one moves the camera. not cool. and that happened and i was just imagining my little brother, player, when we used to go watch homie's games... player would take the video camera and go behind the stands with all the other video cameras and film homie's game. he was homie's biggest fan. and now homie is his. it brought a tear to my eye because they were both so cute! and they're such great brothers. i'd really like for them to start moving all those games from vhs to dvd... hint, hint, hint. i can still imagine player sitting behind with all the adults filming the game. and i know we have some videos where you can hear player cheering for homie. so fun.

so i'm writing tonight because tomorrow is going to be a busy day. i have to run some errands, then i am going to see my little sister at noon. we may or may not go skating (depends on if she gets skates) and we'll probably spend at least 3-4 hrs together. i have a ton of work to do at work and i want to organize some of the papers in my room. i should probably also think about doing my taxes. i need to be on a major budget because i am quickly burning through my cash. need to rein in the expenses. stop eating out so much. stop buying cds. etc. you get the drill.

oh, and here is another article about my brothers team, this time from the bismarck tribune.

Men continue to roll

Northern Sun coaches always lament that playing on the road is the toughest thing to do. The U-Mary men haven't let the long road trips take away their will to win. U-Mary closed the month of January with eight straight wins, including six straight on the road.

The Marauders (11-4 NSIC, 15-4 overall) are tied with Augustana for second place in the conference. As the wins pile up, U-Mary has gained recognition by being ranked eighth in the region.

"We knew going into Christmas break that we had some challenges in front of us," U-Mary coach Randall Herbst said. "We face adversity with the travel itself and then we have the games. We have played well on the road. We have been able to take care of some business. It wasn't an easy month to get through."

The Marauders' top three stars - Anthony Moody, Eric Erdmann and Jordan Wilhelm - have started receiving help on the offensive end. Jalen Jaspers scored a career-high 19 points on Saturday against Duluth. Post Damon Smith finished in double digits in scoring both nights last weekend. Smith netted 12 in a win against Bemidji State and 10 against Duluth.

"Anytime we can come out with that type of ammunition," Herbst said, "it will make it tough for our opponents. People have been keying in on Moody and Erdmann the whole time. We are tough for our opponent when our other guys start putting the ball in the hole."

Starting guard Cameron Lee, who has been slowed by a sprained ankle, didn't see time in the second half against Duluth. Herbst said the senior is still day-to-day.

and thats about all i've got. what are you up to this weekend?

[eminem sings this song. did you really not know that?]