Thursday, February 10, 2011

right thru me

just a quick note to say hi to everyone today. i've been oddly busy at work - in a good way, though. not like, crazy i can't get anything done, but just busy enough to be constantly busy. i havent had a lot of mtgs this week, which is nice. BUT i have worked 11 hrs the past 2 days and that is slightly surprising. i'm going to leave by 5:45 today. that would be the earliest in ... who knows when. last night, i was supposed to have a personal training session at this new place i'm going - really like it! - but i cancelled it and went to a play with kc and the sunshine band. it was at the paramount theater, which i've never been to. it was REALLY GOOD. except it was tough for me to concentrate - i think i had a lot on my mind and kept thinking "i have to remember to do this, and don't forget to email this person and oh crap! i haven't planned my birthday yet..." so lots of things going on. anyway, the play was part of irish celebration or something like that. i kept trying to tell if the actors really were irish. i couldn't tell, they had good accents and they kept saying things that my irish friends say. but i dont think they were irish... and it all tied together at the end - that was surprising. but it was super violent and that was kind of surprising to me. and usually violence doesnt surprise me. oh, and also it felt like the stories were very irish, which is sad (because of the actual stories). hmmm... i dont even know the name of the play. i just kind of showed up. terminus i guess. not sure if its new or well-known. check it out some time if you can.

what else? i've been listening to nicki minaj's cd a lot lately and i LOVE IT. its really good. puts me in a good mood even though its kind of mean. ha. what does that say?

ok, so today is thursday. tonight i am doing a workout class and then i might stop at this store that is having a trunk sale on my way home. should be fun. what are you up to these days?

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