Friday, February 11, 2011

3-point game

greetings. its friday night and i didnt get a chance ALL day to write. it was a CRAZY day. ugh. anyway, players game JUST finished and they won by 3. they're on a roll! and because of the game tonight, i had been planning all week to post this, but just never had time.

background: last week, i watched the game per usual. and to explain what i am about to post, for people to watch games they have to "log in" to the site to view the game. of course, "logging in" means entering your zip code. i've always thought it was funny - you dont have to have a screen name or password or anything. or even enter your email. they literally have NO WAY of tracking you. so, anyway, you enter your zip code to watch the game and there is an option to "chat" during the game. so here is last friday's chat... (hint: i'm obviously Boston, MA)

21:17:15 Boston, MA: does anyone else have feedback? a ch-ch-ch-ch sound?

21:18:08 Beverly Hills, CA: I do too

21:18:11 Beverly Hills, CA: ANNOYING!

21:18:53 Boston, MA: very. i wonder if there is anything we can do to change it?

21:19:16 Beverly Hills, CA: Probably straight up murder someone.

21:20:56 Moorhead, MN: yep

21:21:23 Moorhead, MN: to the sound, not murdering someone.

21:23:51 Beverly Hills, CA: tick, tick, tick, tick, tick

21:23:56 Beverly Hills, CA: maybe it's a bomb!

21:37:24 Moorhead, MN: even worse than the ticking is it keeps freezing or is that just me?

21:37:56 Beverly Hills, CA: works for me

21:38:02 Moorhead, MN: u mary doesnt hav elive stats either arrrgh

21:38:36 Moorhead, MN: lucky you, women's game was fine for me, this one is brutal

21:39:51 Iowa City, IA: even better than it freezing is the trails of motion it leaves as it freezes.. ain't it grand?

21:40:15 Beverly Hills, CA: I'm cheering for U Mary, being a god fearing man such as myself.

21:40:30 Moorhead, MN: Better than nothing i suppose....

21:41:08 Moorhead, MN: maybe that is why your streaming is being blessed!

21:53:43 Boston, MA: yeah, i dont have any issues with the video

21:54:41 Firth, NE: my video has been good tonight

21:54:58 Firth, NE: knock on wood

21:57:10 Minneapolis, MN: video was good here until last 2 min. then it started freezing about every 2 passes.... soooo frustrating!

21:57:15 Iowa City, IA: you are closer to origination site!! :)

21:58:10 Beverly Hills, CA: This ticking is driving me to drink!

21:58:59 Mandan, ND: They do have live stats

21:59:18 Minneapolis, MN: Have a glass of wine and then it becomes a mile background noise- jk

22:00:46 Minneapolis, MN: Back to the good ol' days- we can all just "listen"to the game. I guess we've become spoiled.

22:00:50 Beverly Hills, CA: I bet Mary wins by 14 tonight

22:01:23 Minneapolis, MN: I like the way you think CA.

22:01:59 Moorhead, MN: the next 20 minutes will tell....I don't think it will be by more than 10 though..

22:03:21 Beverly Hills, CA: Live stats are not very accurate haha.

22:03:29 Beverly Hills, CA: They have Williamson down for 1 reb and Novak 8.

22:03:39 Beverly Hills, CA: Williamson has at least 3 offensive rebounds

22:05:14 Moorhead, MN: Trouble for the Dragons if the guards aren't scoring gotta slow moody down if we want to have a chance at the end

22:18:36 Beverly Hills, CA: He's heating up!

22:18:41 Beverly Hills, CA: From downtown!

22:18:43 Moorhead, MN: What happened the fired up Walthall?

22:19:00 Moorhead, MN: Yeah Erdmann went off for 8 straight there ouch

22:19:43 Beverly Hills, CA: Who is this Erdmann kid? Is he any good?

22:20:26 Moorhead, MN: he is pretty good, got a great mid range game and can hit the three, ball screen with moody is tough to guard

22:21:12 Moorhead, MN:

22:21:56 Firth, NE: Erdman can be pretty quiet for a while and then do a lot of damage. He kind of plays to what the game needs

22:22:05 Boston, MA: yeah - whats going on? i missed the first 5 min of the 2nd half - why do they keep talking about things heating up and the coaches having to be in check?

22:23:00 Moorhead, MN: walthall got a T and then the players started jawing

22:23:32 Beverly Hills, CA: And this Erdmann kid has been making everything!

22:23:34 Beverly Hills, CA: He's amazing!

22:23:42 Boston, MA: what was the technical for? language? and what's "jawing"?

22:24:40 Moorhead, MN: Refs missed a call and he wouldn't let it go, then a couple of players where going back in forth or jawing in my world

22:25:13 Boston, MA: ah

22:25:14 Boston, MA: thank you

22:25:23 Moorhead, MN: yeah erdmann can't miss...

22:25:32 Beverly Hills, CA: Boston - jawing is making out.

22:26:00 Boston, MA: i hate it when players just start doing that in the middle of a game. so distracting

22:27:53 Beverly Hills, CA: What is Novak complaining about? Once it hits the backboard you can't touch it. Textbook goaltending

22:28:29 Moorhead, MN: he is complaining because it got partially blocked before he got to it, by rule then it is open season.

22:28:33 West Fargo, ND: which official gave the T

22:28:44 Moorhead, MN: couldn't tell

22:29:11 Moorhead, MN: *Removed*

22:29:17 Minneapolis, MN: At least you guys are entertaining- thanks! The game keeps freezing, so I'm enjoyint your dialogue instead.

22:29:28 Beverly Hills, CA: The short guy closest to us right now called the T

22:29:36 Moorhead, MN: refs are bad both ways, missing a ton of calls

22:29:52 Boston, MA: 90210 - what brings you to watch a midwestern div 2 game this fine evening?

22:30:41 Moorhead, MN: Live in moorhead and a Dragon fan

22:30:47 Moorhead, MN: how about you

22:31:17 Boston, MA: my brother plays for mary

22:31:47 Moorhead, MN: ah who is your brother?

22:31:52 Boston, MA: erdmann

22:32:28 Moorhead, MN: He can start missing anytime soon....

22:33:06 Boston, MA: ha. and i've been a horrible sister and missed half of this half, so i havent even seen a lot of it.

22:33:32 Boston, MA: how does that work for MSUM? i thought when i lived in fargo it was just MSU? or something like that? was there a name change?

22:33:38 Beverly Hills, CA: I choose DII.

22:34:00 Boston, MA: ?

22:34:21 Moorhead, MN: he was on fire he hit two 3"s and a couple of baskets in about a minute and a half

22:34:49 Moorhead, MN: holy cow is moody fast

22:35:07 Moorhead, MN: Mary has to hate the thought of Erdman and moody graduating

22:35:48 Boston, MA: is MSUM graduating a lot of seniors?

22:35:58 Beverly Hills, CA: Every weekend I find a random DII game to watch and I do it.

22:36:13 Firth, NE: & willy.

22:36:14 Boston, MA: ohhh... got it. is this a good game for you?

22:36:14 Moorhead, MN: Nope, no seniors at all....

22:36:27 Boston, MA: thats good for you guys

22:37:00 Moorhead, MN: yes it is, CA guy who is the best team you've watched this year?

22:37:13 Beverly Hills, CA: I've been reading about UMary while this game is going on, won 9 straight?

22:37:14 Beverly Hills, CA: Wow

22:38:35 Firth, NE: Randall Herbst came to Mary last year and really turned the program around

22:38:45 Beverly Hills, CA: Probably West Liberty

22:38:47 Moorhead, MN: yeah they are on fire. I don't think there is a better D2 guard than moody, some maybe as good but no one better. His game fits will with erdmann, beyond those ttow it is short

22:38:55 Beverly Hills, CA: I found Mary because they got a vote in the top 25 this week.

22:38:56 Moorhead, MN: on talent that is

22:40:10 Moorhead, MN: yeah, they are interesting, in my opinion if everyone in the league plays their best game, Mary is about the 4th best team in the league. The conference tourney will be interesting

22:41:00 Beverly Hills, CA: Looks like they are in 2nd in the league. Who you got better than Mary?

22:41:09 Moorhead, MN: HErbst has done a nice job of turning it around.

22:41:34 West Fargo, ND: mankato

22:42:29 Moorhead, MN: I think Mankato, Winona, Augie, and St Cloud are better because they are deeper. If they played everybody 5 times they would lose more than they won to each team

22:44:28 Moorhead, MN: I mean if Mary played everbody in a best of 5 series they wouldn't win a single one, of course it doesn't work that way which is why college hoops is so much fun

22:45:31 Beverly Hills, CA: Refs need to swallow their whistles soon

22:45:52 West Fargo, ND: na

22:45:58 Boston, MA: does that mean stop blowing or blow more?

22:46:23 Moorhead, MN: no kidding, typical of refs in this league if they give a T they start calling everything

22:46:42 West Fargo, ND: he means stop blowing

22:46:56 Boston, MA: got it. thanks

22:47:08 Moorhead, MN: especially when it doesn't impact the game

22:47:11 Sioux Falls, SD: St. Cloud definitely isn't deeper than just about anyone in the league. They're basically only playing 8 guys right now due to various injuries.

22:47:30 Moorhead, MN: dang it erdmann, when moody and erdman are scoring mary is TOUGH

22:47:40 West Fargo, ND: so then if things get loose then u say ..refs let it get that way

22:47:54 Moorhead, MN: I know, but there 8 are better than Mary's 8

22:48:02 Beverly Hills, CA: Mary has the best D in their league and are ranked high in the nation for turnovers (they don't commit very many). I would question whether they couldn't win a series with teams they've already beat

22:48:21 Sioux Falls, SD: Mary is playing solid ball right now. I'd say they are a top 3 team. If Augie hadn't beaten them already once, I'd definitely say Mary was a solid #2 in the league.

22:49:29 Moorhead, MN: Time will tell, I would still take St. Cloud, Mankato, Augie, and Winona if the game was on a neutral court

22:49:59 Sioux Falls, SD: Yeah, I'd agree with that. They're definitely better at home for a lot of reasons.

22:51:15 Moorhead, MN: yeah it will be interesting when it hits tourney time...did augie win tonight? Was hoping last night would have been closer with Mankato

22:51:35 Beverly Hills, CA: augie won

22:51:37 Firth, NE: They were 6-1 on the road in January

22:51:38 Beverly Hills, CA: st cloud won

22:51:41 Beverly Hills, CA: winona lost

22:52:33 Moorhead, MN: NE what is your tie with Mary? Just curious...

22:53:04 Firth, NE: My son played there last year

22:53:48 West Fargo, ND: herbst was an assistant also at Nebraska Omaha

22:53:53 Sioux Falls, SD: The Mankato game last night was closer than it looked. Augie cut it to two with 3 or 4 minutes left but had to foul to try and stay in it and it didn't work out for them.

22:53:56 Beverly Hills, CA: Who is that, firth?

22:54:39 Firth, NE: Ben Cruickshank

22:54:55 Moorhead, MN: Did your son like Herbst? I have always liked him, but players have a different perspective

22:55:15 Firth, NE:

22:55:21 Firth, NE: Ben liked him a lot

22:55:21 Moorhead, MN: On the bright side Ben got to go out on a winner...

22:55:39 Sioux Falls, SD: As an Augustana fan, I'm not looking forward to this upcoming Northern/Mary trip. The Vikes aren't known for playing well up in Bismarck.

22:55:52 Firth, NE: He said it was the closest team he had ever been on

22:57:01 Moorhead, MN: yeah, Mary is a big game for augie and Northern is starting to put it together. I don't think there are any easy ones on the road

22:57:04 Beverly Hills, CA: This Northern Sun conference seems interesting, might have to check out some more games this year

22:57:35 Firth, NE: bring a friend

22:57:48 Sioux Falls, SD: Not even Crookston/Moorhead anymore, unfortunately.

22:57:48 Moorhead, MN: You should it is one of the best DII leagues top to bottom. I don't think the top of the league is as good as it has been in the past, whereas the bottom and middle is much better

22:58:06 Moorhead, MN: As a Moorhead fan thank goodness

22:58:35 Moorhead, MN: GOod night everyone!

22:58:38 Beverly Hills, CA: Well thanks for the good company ya'll!

22:58:44 Beverly Hills, CA: Have a good one!


that was the end. so...?? did you get the rub?? about halfway through the game, i tried IMing homie to see if he was listening/watching when they started talking about mary and player. he doesn't respond. i call him. no response. i text his wife. she's at work and doesn't know where he is. then no response. FINALLY he writes back that he's watching. and then it hit me: Beverly Hills, CA was homie! tricky little fella. go back and read it now and tell me if its obvious or not...