Saturday, February 12, 2011

flying on the ground is wrong

so.... i've been going through all my ramblings and found one that i don't think i ever posted. mostly because i never finished it. and since i'm on a flight right now, i thought it would be worthwhile actually posting it. so here it is. a rambling from last summer...

i pity the fool who sleeps during a transatlantic flight when there are individual movie screens.

well, its five o'clock somewhere, right?? even if i'm in the air, above the atlantic and the time at my origination location (amsterdam) is 4:34 and the time at my destination location (boston) [according to the screens in the airplane] is 10:34 am. i have had... a few glasses of red wine. in fact, i don't know how many. AND they keep filling my glass. "why?" you ask. because i am a FABULOUS airline passenger. :)

for some reason... i have FANTASTIC seats on the plane.

[editors note: the flight attendant JUST came up to me and said "would you like some more wine?" and i said "sure! why not?" and she replied "you're in a great seat." which is true! explanation to come....]

but its true. i do have a fantastic seat. and i have

thats maybe 6 glasses... oops! i already know the text message for my roommate when i land:
"i'm thinking tequilla."

how would you respond if you received that message??

so back to now. i am on a flight from amsterdam to boston. i was in london just a few hours ago and had a connecting flight in the dam. my flight in london was at 8:40am, so i hopped in a cab at 6:10am. my friend, with whom i was staying, elaine, and i went out last night and it was super dooper fun. (at least for me) we met up with two other girls we studied with in france. man, that was EIGHT YEARS AGO. geez. i can't believe everything that has happened since then. crazy. anyway, we went out last night to a super fancy resto - coq d'argent (golden rooster). it's a french restaurant in the city center of london (which is basically the financial district). [gerard butler has skinny legs] the 4 of us met at the bank tube stop and then walked across the street to eat. it was great! the food was good. we had drinks to start (i had some drink with chili tequila) and then we shared a bottle of wine along with us each having a 3-course meal (petite salad, entree, and dessert). if you check this link and then download the restaurant menu, you can see the prices of the place. AND thats in british pounds. you have to multiple by 1.6 to understand the actual price for me. BUT.... dum dum dum... we reserved a table on open table or some site that allows you to reserve a spot at restaurants that have tables free for the night. you get a fixed price menu (with specific choices) for a certain amount (and the idea is that you order lots of alcohol or something else to go with it, which we did, of course).

[song by buffalo springfield]


  1. I am so confused. You were on a flight on Saturday?

  2. yeah, i do a lot of blogging on flights and then schedule them for later... when i was WRITING the beginning, i was on a flight... not when it was actually posted...