Tuesday, December 28, 2010

things not really making me so happy

for one, this blizzard:

December 2010 Blizzard Timelapse from Michael Black on Vimeo.

that hit the east coast last night and today. it is preventing me from getting home to boston. sure, i'm always glad to have more time in fargo, but i have a CRAPLOAD of stuff to do at work, in boston, and in general and this is kind of screwing up my plans. as of right now (mon evening), i am scheduled to fly back to boston on thurs evening at 5pm (the same flights i would've been on tonight). they originally wanted to have me leave fargo at 11am on thur and get to boston at 7pm, which is all fine and dandy for getting in to boston early, BUT it means i would miss a day of work. even working from home is better than commuting all day, so i asked to take the later flight. now i'm wondering if that was a good decision or not because... it turns out that i have to fly to salt lake city (SLC) on friday morning at 5:55am. this is after i land in bos at 10:51pm the night before. the flight to slc is my last mileage run EVER because i've decided they suck and just waste time, money, and gas. (but also i'm hoping i'll just fly a lot more for work next year and not have to do them ever again.)

anyway, this whole thing bums me out because 1) i don't get to be in boston very much at all and 2) i was supposed to meet my little sister this week. now i have to reschedule it for monday, which sucks because next week is super dooper busy at work. the week after that i am in ohio and the week after that i might be in california. time is just flying by much too quickly.

and that is not making me happy. there isnt enough time in the day

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