Monday, December 27, 2010

driving the last spike

sigh... christmas is over. and its kind of sad. today is monday and i am supposed to go back to boston tonight. i am about 45.8% sure that i will actually make it home tonight and thus am feeling lackadaisical about my day. i have sooo much to do - work, christmas cards, pack, exchange gifts, etc. and if i knew for total sure that i would be leaving, i would jump out of bed and get going. but i'm not positive and i'm tired. so i'm kind of like.... eh... just laying here. oh and i am meeting people for lunch, too. and i have to buy chippers for my coworkers. lots of stuff going on.

i was going to write more, but i actually do have to get up and get going. so, instead, i'll put this article that in-forum tweeted last week:

North Dakota sees population jump to near historic level, Minnesota sees even bigger jump

Published: December 21, 2010 10:52:37 AM CST

North Dakota’s population jumped nearly 5 percent in the last decade – resulting in the most residents the state has seen in eight decades.

North Dakota had a population of 672,591 people as of April 1, according to 2010 Census data revealed this morning.

That’s up from 642,200 people 10 years ago.

North Dakota hasn’t had a population this high since the 1930 Census when the state had 680,845 residents.

Despite the growth, North Dakota still ranks among the least populous states in the country, showing the third fewest number of residents, the U.S. Census bureau reported.

Wyoming and Vermont showed the lowest populations of any state.

Meanwhile, Minnesota’s population continued to grow as it has for many decades.

The Census Bureau recorded a statewide population of 5,303,925 people as of April 1 – up 7.8 percent since 2000, when the population was 4,919,479.

Starting in February, census data will be released on specific communities, even down to the street-level.

For more on this story, read Wednesday’s Forum.

so there you have it. writing more in a day or two from...?


  1. I enjoy that all of North Dakota has a population only a few thousand off from that of the city of Boston... :)
    Miss you - come home soon!