Wednesday, December 29, 2010

i love you the best

well it appears i am officially stuck in fargo. its wednesday and i have two more days of working at my parents house since i can't get back to boston. originally, i was rescheduled to fly back to boston on thursday night. now, there is apparently a storm in the dakotas on thursday and potentially friday. it might even start today. who knows? anyway, i called delta to avoid the storm (which is moving to the east - ergo, over minneapolis when i'm trying to go there). plus, remember that i need all these stupid miles before the end of the year. so, now i am going from fargo to salt lake city on friday morning and then flying from there to boston landing around 5pm on friday. i actually kind of prefer this whole thing because 1) i am flying less and 2) i'll be in boston on friday night. i have plans to do absolutely NOTHING, but that alone sounds really fun. it'll be a busy week next week and the week after, i am going to be in columbus.

so, assuming i actually get out of fargo on friday morning (fingers crossed, knock on wood), everything should work out in the end. but we'll see...

anyway, here is some nodak news for your enjoyment.
  • i heard about this movie called prairie love making its world debut at sundance. here is the trailer. apparently it was filmed in why not, minot, where i was born. looks intriguing, eh?

Prairie Love trailer from Dusty Bias on Vimeo.

  • apparently north dakota is #4 in the rankings of states where home prices have increased in the past year. for all the others, check this out.
  • its also a state with one of the lowest divorce rates (MA was numero uno, which kind of surprised me)
  • this article is about how there are lots of jobs in nodak, but not enough places to live. ironic, eh?
  • seems like nodak is diversifying and making it attractive to incorporate your business here. im actually not sure how i feel about that because of this...
  • don't read this story if you're afraid of the "s" word, but if you're not, its excellent to explain why the bank of north dakota is doing so well. and there is a clip from michael moore's video, as well
  • on the same note as above, this article also discusses the bank of nodak, which is doing quite well. thats a good article to explain how it all works
  • and here is the final article explaining about the bank
ok, enough about that. i have to get back to work.

[song by jonny lang since he's from nodak]

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