Tuesday, December 21, 2010

i see you drivin' round town with the girl i love...

i have a headache. and i need a drink. not sure that those two things should be mixed, but it feels appropriate right now.

despite all sane objections, i am flying today (mon, dec 20). and not to fargo. in fact, i left fargo during my long-awaited winter trip home to take a RIDICULOUS trip from fargo to minneapolis to milwaukee to atlanta to san diego. tomorrow i am meant to fly from san diego through salt lake back to fargo. i am doing this silly trip because i am so so so so close to getting gold status on delta. it only seemed natural to take advantage of ALL of the stupid flying i have done this year to actually make it worthwhile in the future.

here are the benefits that i get by getting better status.

i don't even know if they're worthwhile! i sure hope so. i've become a point whore and rewards are addicting and feed my addiction. its horrible!

holy crap. i just looked at my account online and i need 8,258 miles before the end of the year. my crazy-ass flight from far to msp to mil to atl to san was going to give me something like 4,000 miles alone. then i have the return flight to far for another 2,000 miles and then i'm flying to salt lake on new years eve for the day so that i can go hang out (i've never been and then i'll just have 4 more states to go to!) for the day before returning home. that nets me about 4,000 miles. i just checked the delta website and it *should* equal 8,292 miles. wow. that would be amazing if i just barely make gold status. i'm gonna have to still call to make sure it happens. otherwise, i would then be

here is a picture of me on the flight.
i needed a mirror so photo booth worked just fine. i should start doing that. take a picture of myself on all my flights. we can tell how bored i am by them. i'm slightly exhausted and wondering just how crazy i am.

oh! actually, i have this video saved that i keep meaning to watch about frequent fliers...

oh my gosh. that is HILARIOUS. that is exactly me right now. and all the people around me.

thanks to upgradetravelbetter for the link. i can totally relate. and i have WAY MORE miles to do than that guy!

crap. i think i'm getting sick. i have a drippy nose. and the woman behind me keeps coughing. NOT GOOD. see, this is why this whole flying thing is stupid. and its soo not green. i try really hard to be a green person. this is actually really really bad for the environment. at least i'm being forced to read and do stuff online. otherwise i'd just be home socializing, drinking, or watching tv. remind me of these things the next time i come up with a stupid idea like this. oh, and for those of you doing stupid things like me, here is a link to an article to get the most out of your miles.