Friday, December 3, 2010


things have been UBER busy for me lately. and thats a good thing. i LOVE being busy and stressed out of my mind. it keeps me going. monday, my flight was delayed and i got home from florida. since i missed a day of work, i've been super busy there. i've been trying to finish the first girl with the... book and i just did that the other day. woo hoo! i have to catch up on dvr. oooo. i think there's a new i love money on my dvr. woot woot! probably won't get to that for a few weeks, so dont tell me who won! i hope its mindy. pun is a cocky mo fo. and i can't remember the other person so they dont deserve to win. or are there 2? hmm... anyway, one night i had a bad day at work and went home and my friend kelly wanted to go out for a drink, so i did that on the spur of notice. that was good. i need to be more social. last night i went shopping and decorated my apartment because ... dum dum dum... we're having a holiday party tomorrow night! if you're reading this, you're invited. and because of that, i have to get alcohol, food, and a skirt or something festive to wear. we might rearrange the furniture, too. and i have to pack for my trip - sunday i leave for california until friday at which point i am in town for all of 8 hours before i fly to dallas for one night. it should be pretty quiet the week before xmas and then i fly to fargo on the 18th. crazy times!

so party planning. i want to make homemade peanut butter cups because they are DELISH. BUT... i don't know where to get chocolate almond bark in boston. i literally can NOT find it. anyone know of a good substitute?

...ok i just looked online and i see that it might be the same as baking chocolate. hmm... well thats good news, i guess! not sure what else we're going to serve. i should figure that out. ha. any suggestions? what do you like to see at holiday parties? maybe a homemade salsa? i think i could be ok at making that... (lets just be clear - i'm not making chips, those i would buy) i feel like we need red and green food. or silver and blue which are actually my preferred christmas colors. :)

what else? oh right. so i hope there is dancing at my party. not necessarily right away, but eventually. my friends like to dance. oh crap. i just realized i need to come up with a playlist of music. hmm.... any suggestions for that? i'll start with some holiday music and then some dance music. so i read this funny thing about a high school prom and the dance moves that are not allowed. yep, you read that right. check it out here or here:

No straddling legs
No bending over while dancing
No front to back
No moshing
No "making out" (no overt and/or prolonged public
displays of affection)
No crowd surfing
Hands on waists or shoulders
this makes me think that i need to go buy some balloons for my party so that everyone can dance with balloons between them. this is how my holiday party is going to look:

none of this crazy stuff!
oh, kids these days...


  1. MAYBE you need the pastor from Footloose to chaperone -- you know, what'shisname, from 3rd Rock from the Sun, John whoever.

    And, ooo, we will DEFINITELY discuss "Girl With..." at lunch on the 20th. I <3 those books (but can't watch the movies, I fear the violence.)

  2. Lithgow! That's it. Sad, I had to google that.

  3. ha haha. yes! and it would be even more funny if john lithgow chaperoned because he most recently played a serial killer on dexter... so appropriate! (not at all)

    and yes, looking forward to the 20th

  4. I find it hilarious you watch that TV show. Also, my mom makes those homemade peanut butter cups so if you have any questions about them I would ask her. Love you and can't wait to see on the eighteenth!

  5. can't wait to see you more!! (directed to sara, obviously)