Thursday, December 2, 2010

breaking up the girl

groan. i'm not looking forward to work today. bleh. i've kind of been put off by a few things lately and then yesterday was just annoying combined with the fact that someone stole my amazon package, i'm just not in a good mood.

i feel like turning in to a tiger and roaring at people to express my frustration. but i won't.

i wasn't really sure where this was going when i started it. and i have no real way to end it, so i'll post this video here which is pretty fun of player's first home game. player has a really good steal which lead to a layup and then a cool block towards the end. his teammates and coach talk about him and he's also interviewed at the end.

here's hoping for a better day. tonight i'd like to go shopping for an outfit i can wear to my holiday party this weekend and i also have to decorate the apartment with xmas stuff. the cleaning people come today and i forgot that i wanted the xmas stuff up so they could dust around and pick up any mess i make. just another thing to make me sigh.


[song by my favorite band, garbage]


  1. I always thought it would be super cool to be able to roar or growl. I want that as a super power! Well, that and the ability to fly, move things with my mind, and to see through walls. Just sayin'. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Get decoratin' girl! Regarding the basketball...
    I love how the team plays so well together.