Saturday, December 4, 2010

in the air tonight

For some reason, my days are just not going as I plan anymore. I've been super busy at work and that means what I plan for the evening often doesn't pan out. For example, yesterday, higgi suggested we leave early to get groceries and alcohol and start prepping for our party tonight. I guess I said I'd try, but I only remember keeping it in the back of my mind as a goal. Of course, it didn't happen. I think I left work sometime after 6. Not cool on a Friday night. I met higgi and we walked to cvs where they didn't have napkins or plastic cups. We dropped stuff at home then headed to the grocery store. We were even forced to go quickly since they closed at 9. We got goodies for tonight then stopped at the liquor store on the way home. 14 bottles of wine, a case of beer, and a handle of jack and we were home. It was 930 and players game started at 9. Apparently I missed a dunk and 7 other points. Shucks.

The game was pretty awesome, though. It went into overtime and the good guys were victorious. Player had the most points at 25. That's awesome. But the game ended at 1130 or something. I stayed by the computer listening to the post game, but of course I fell asleep. I had planned to start laundry and take a shower last night. D'oh! So now I have to add that to my list for today. We have people coming over at 4 so I will most likely miss players game tonight. Homie said hed text me updates, so that's good.

Thought I'd put some pictures of some gators I became friends with last weekend in flo rida. I could see myself having a pet gator. Kind of like sonny on miami vice. But without the white leisure suits.

and because i LOVE miami vice (especially the movie which NO ONE likes, apparently), here is a video for you:
(and no, i'm not in a bad mood right now! just LOVE this movie. but, yes, generally when i leave a video i'm in a bad mood or super busy)

watching that video makes me want to be a double agent in some underworld. i should do that.

[AWESOME song by phil collins. duh]

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