Monday, December 13, 2010

inner smile

AWESOME weekend. i will most likely post this later, but am writing it on sunday afternoon and had such a fun time this weekend. except for one thing which i just remembered: i didn't get any pics of my bf from college and i. oops. she has one, but good luck getting it from her... :)

anyway, w moved to dallas last summer for work and i've been promising to go visit since she went, BUT we all know that any time before now, i would probably have melted. so it kind of worked out when she had a weekend free up and i needed to use miles on my us air account (or risk losing them) before dec 31. so i used up 37,000 miles for a 24 hour trip. i left saturday at 10am and got to dallas at 3:50. my brother told me that bill simmons was in dallas signing autographs for his book, but we just didn't have time to go. sorry, homie. w picked me up and we went back to her place to take inventory. even though she moved in july, she hadn't fully unpacked and when we planned my trip, i promised to help her unpack and organize everything. we figured out what she needed in her apt (bookshelves, things to hang art, actual art, etc) and headed out. we went to target and best buy and tuesday morning and found a really cool painting thats kind of a little sexy. after dropping everything off, we headed out for dinner at this cute mexican place (obvi - its texas!) and then went to this cool independant theater to see black swan. you can take it or leave it if you want. i had high expectations and was kind of like... eh... BUT we got a bottle of wine that we drank during the movie and that was fun.

we got home around 11:45 and agreed to work on her apt until 2am. i gave whitnee a bunch of tasks and then started on organizing things myself. i was good ol' tired around 2, so i went to bed. woke up around 8:30 and we went to starbucks which is in her apt building and then showered and did some more organizing and cleaning of her place. we then left for downtown to go to brunch. this was the only disappointing part of the trip - we went to a mexican place that has $1 mimosas and... they sucked. apparently it was common to have bottomless mimosas in dallas and then some govt agency shook their finger so now they're all $1. and $1 it was not worth. i asked the waiter if maybe they had used old prosecco or something and the guy explained that it wasn't as bubbly because they added orange juice to it. we were like, "no shit, sherlock." but what we really said was "yes, we've had mimosas before." little does he know we are the QUEENS of mimosas. they were flat and he goes on to tell us that when they make the batch of mimosas, they use all brand-new open bottles of bubbly. that solved it. they premixed a BATCH of mimosas. you dont do that. thats sacrilege. so he gave us a free one, which, to be honest, we all know i'm not going to pass up, but they are bad. we then got a FLUTE of margaritas. which was awesome. 5 different glasses of diff kinds of margaritas. that almost made up for the bad mimosas. almost.

after brunch, we went to the dallas museum of art. i have free entry because i'm a member of the mfa which gives me reciprocity to 13 or 23 different museums around the country. i explain my free entry to the person at the front desk and she's like "oh, i've never heard of that. i'm a volunteer" and she takes my card and says "oh yes, it says dallas museum of art" and gives me a free entry band. then i say "well, its for two" and she's like "oh, you're right." and hands whitnee a band. i look on the back of the card and, of course, there's nothing written about dallas museum of art. sah-weet! i mean, i really do get free entry, but maybe i can use that at other museums, too...

anyway, we cruised through some exhibits because the flute of ritas took a bit long, so we had to hustle to the airport. it was a nice museum with a rothko and some pollack (not dissimilar to the mfa in boston) and some african masks that we spent a bit of time in. (the exhibit, not in the actual masks. can you imagine if i was IN masks at a museum?? they would probably kick me out permanently.) then we cruise to the airport and i hope on my flight to phili in first class. boom boom pow. nice. so, overall, awesome weekend.

[song by the group texas]


  1. you never tweeted bill. maybe he would have met you somewhere and given you a book. he's a nice guy like that.

    and fyi, he usually signs a bunch of extras and leaves them at the store.

    thanks for nothing!

    JK! :)

  2. you're right. i did not tweet him. i should've, but we reasoned that he was at the basketball game...