Tuesday, December 14, 2010

jenny was a friend of mine

so as i'm writing this i'm watching diggnation. i'm a few weeks behind, admittedly. oops. i've been busy. anyway, they reshowed an episode when jimmy fallon was on and every time i see this clip or watch him on his show (which isn't often), i just think "he's really cool. i wish we were friends!" and that has to be a cool trait to have. for people to just see you and think "he/she would be AWESOME to hang out with." i'm pretty sure no one thinks that when they pass me on the street. i'm ok with that.

anyway, other people who i think this of include:
hmm... who do i think would be a cool friend? (aside from my actual friends, of course)




OK. i guess i don't think that of a lot of people. or at least off the top of my head. oh wait! i thought of one. kevin spacey. yep. i'm sure you are all aware of this, and thats ok. i love me some spacey. in fact, last weekend when i was in dallas... wait, back story: so, in my family, we love movies, and whenever we go to movies together, after a preview, we give a thumbs up or thumbs down to indicate if we are would watch the movie or not. so, when w and i went to see a movie and a preview for kevin spacey's new movie came on, before i even saw the preview, i put a thumbs up. w laughed. she put it down because i was obvi judging it on the actor not the story. get it? its funny. ha ha. ok. i've had a bit to drink as i write this. it was super funny to me.

oh right! theres another person i really want to be friends with. she rides my bus and is always super coiffed and well-dressed. she's got grey hair, so i'm guessing she's in her 40s or 50s. she is a trendy dresser and every time i see her, i tell my roommate that i'm going to talk to her. he is deathly afraid that i will scare this woman and force her to get a ... what are those things called? ... lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll oops. didn't know i was holding a key down. restraining order! that's it. she must live around me because i see her on the bus. but now that i think about it. ... i haven't seen her in like 3+ months. hmmm.... i hope everything is ok. i'm not going to go talk to her, but i saw her at cvs once (its on the bus route) and i wanted to casually talk to her and invite her over for some drinks, but i didn't. i don't want to scare anyone, of course.

who else?

as an aside, i'm on a us airways flight from dallas to phili. not impressed. the flight attendant is ... ok. he was giving me a bunch of wine, but he seems not super happy to be here. ok, fine. maybe you're having a bad day. the main issues include 1) there is no internet. i've been flying delta a lot and its becoming a standard issue for me. you will probably read this HOURS after i write it which is just so... old-school. and 2) i'm in first class because i don't fly us air anymore and wanted to use my miles. and a) the first class seats aren't as big and b) ... there was something else that annoyed me. i can't remember it now. overall, not impressed with us air. BUT i DO like it more than united. united is def my least favorite airline right now. just an fyi.

oh c) you can't get in and out of the window first class seat without the aisle person getting up. i think you can on delta. ergo, less room.

oh! chelsea handler. yes, i think she would be fun to hang out with. she might make fun of me, but she has a lot of great connections and would be really funny. i think. maybe not... oh and jon stewart. fo shizzle.

ok. flight is ending and i have to shut down. who would you want to be friends with?

[by the killers]


  1. Will Smith, Adam Sandler, Denzel Washington, Conan O'Brien...

  2. CONAN Def. Also Sacha Baron Cohen, cuz he's truly a comedic genius.

  3. Tony Dovalani and Maxim Chmerkovsky. Liam Neeson.
    President and Michelle Obama.

  4. oh weird. my comments from yesterday didn't post... agree on will smith and adam sandler. not sure on denzel and conan - is coco a bit whiny these days?

    i think sascha baron cohen scares me, but i can see you two hanging out, homie.

    mom - totally agree on maks except i might never say anything and just stare at him. agree on liam and the obamas.

  5. I once became obsessed with a woman at my gym when we lived in Philadelphia. She ran on the treadmill next to me almost every day for several months. She was at LEAST 65 yrs old, skinny as a bird, dyed orange hair, really deep fake tan, long red fingernails and she wore little tiny boy-shorts and bra-tops every day. I was intrigued but I never spoke to her - until the night I went to a house party in my neighborhood and spotted her across the room. There was no stopping me. She was such a "cartoon character" in my mind by that point that there was no option but that I get her story. I bolted across the room and introduced myself. We had a fantastic conversation. She was as much a cartoon character in reality as she was in my imagination. The rest of the story is much too long to get into here but some random details are:

    Her name was Fanny
    She was an Israeli national married to a rich American man.
    She ended up being a total whack-job who stalked me for several months.

    Despite all that transpired, I am still glad I met her and would do it again in a heartbeat. I still find that I think about her from time-to-time.

    Danielle, you must make sure to ask me about the longer story - it gets pretty damn hilarious, including a husband who made my skin crawl, a complete humiliation in the locker room one day and a disastrous evening out with her one night.

    And by the way, I think Sarah Silverman would be cool to hang out with.