Sunday, December 12, 2010

cupid's chokehold

luckily, i'm spending 9 days at home over the holidays. usually, i go home for xmas and stay through new years (my most hated holiday EVER), but this year, due to work, i'm heading home BEFORE xmas and back in boston on the 27th. kind of weird, but i guess it'll be ok. oh crap. this reminds me i have a TON of xmas shopping to do... anyway, this year will also be different because the past 2 years, i have been "living" in fargo so all of my stuff has been there and i had plenty of time to just BE in fargo. not this year. it'll go quickly. AND now a new wrinkle: i am sooo close to getting gold status on delta. i am thinking of trying to find a place to fly while i am home for xmas so that i can get some extra miles to make it... i might call delta this week and see how that would all work out. i think i have 4,000 miles to travel before dec 31 (besides already booked travel). where should i go?

speaking of delta, i'm really enjoying them lately. all the people are always friendly, they're helpful, and they keep upgrading me. right now i'm on a flight and i wasn't upgraded, but i'm in an exit row without a seat in front of me. then the guy in the seat diagonal in front of me is super big, so the girl who was sitting next to me couldn't see the tv, so she moved. so i have my own aisle, too! i guess that doesnt really have anything to do with delta, but i am feeling a lot of love towards them lately. and here is an article about how they're upping all the technology for their flights. LOVE it. whats your favorite airline?

anyway, i love the holidays. and winter. and just going outside and being cold and then going inside and taking a warm shower or getting under dozens of blankets and drinking a warm drink. love it. the holidays were always happy for me. oh! but this is NOT making me happy. this link here says that santa clause conquers the martians is one of the worst holiday movies!! gasp! i LOVED that video growing up. it was so good. have you seen it? what did you think? i agree with all the other decisions, i think.

also, this is frustrating to me - netflix is now blocking some of the special features when you rent a dvd because they want people to buy the dvds instead of renting them. crap! i do like watching the special features, but mostly i like having the subtitles (specifically when i'm watching a foreign film, but also so i could put french subs on so that i can read along with it).

on the other hand, this site seems pretty cool - you can add subtitles to any video online. pretty cool.

i wasn't planning for this to become a random blog, but now that it has, here is one more comment on the interwebs... there is an article about this woman (19 year old - is that a woman?) who is in love with serial killers. so, obviously i am interested in reading this article. well, don't fret dear friends and family. this girl is CRAZY. i will admit i'm interested in writing to someone locked up because i want to understand his/her mind, but i have no desire to help them or become engaged to them. if you want to read more about it here, check it out. and i have no complex to try and change them.

oh, final bit of randomness. one of my favorite tv shows, chuck, is going to be having a mini-marathon on nbc on dec 27. you should TOTALLY check it out. to get you prepped for that, here is a fun chuck video.

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