Friday, August 13, 2010

imma be

eeek! i practically forgot to write today. its not my fault. something else came up. i can't remember what, but something. and its friday. so there. i made pesto last night. i'm going to have to write about it for mad tasty for monday - eek! another thing i shouldn't forget about. man, my brain is becoming full with stuff. i need to empty it out. how do i do that? any suggestoins?

until then, here is some fun friday fluff for you:

check out this link for some funny signs.

my dad used to drink pbr and i even had some when i was like 6 years old (sorry, dad, you left it out on the deck in our house in minot. i had to have some. blame erin. she told me to do it.) and so i've always associated pbr with my dad, even though he's moved on to much better beers since then (like michelob ultra). :) but my friend [dave] suggested this article to me and i really found it interesting. its on pbr in case you can't tell.

i was going to put this video in here for you (i guess i still will), but it ended up being not as cool as i thought it would be...

does that work? i think not. hmmm. stupid. maybe check it out here. whatever. BUT it makes me want to be in a world record. except maybe i don't want to share it with 10,000 people. so maybe i have to BE the world record... hmmm... what could i start aspiring to??

[song by bep. i'm hoping i haven't used it before...]


  1. I did not know that dad used to drink PBR. I don't even know if I've tried it...

    Thing of something absurd to do like skipping for the furthest distance or something...

  2. No, I didn't used to drink PBR, I WAS a PBR...a professional bull rider. I think.