Monday, August 16, 2010

happy jack

3 hours of sleep last night. oof dah. i was busy cleaning and organizing my room. which, i always put off put off put off doing, but once i do it, i looove it! i now have a clean closet, organized dresser drawers, clean under the bed. etc. its all good. i'm not quite done, of course. but i will be! soon. tonight, in fact. because i am super busy (and not here) this week. tomorrow i leave for vermont for work until thursday night and then friday morning i head to fargo for a few days to hang with the family and pick up my bridesmaid dress. i am actually completely dreading the picking up of the dress. i woke up yesterday morning from a dream that i had picked up the dress, and was trying to get ready for the wedding, but i couldn't put the dress on properly and so they had the wedding without me. the dress was a big, blue skirt with a vest and two white fluffy tops that were meant to go UNDER the vest, but i kept putting the white shirts on top and the dress just didn't work. it was horrible. a bad dream, in fact.

anyway, weekend was good. could've been longer. friday night i dont think i did anything. oh wait, i went out for a drink with a friend then went to the apple store to see if they could fix my computer (they couldn't) and then walked home. saturday morning i got up early and went for a bike ride and then went to see inception in imax with the roomie. it was good. good flick. i recommend. home again, and i ... hmmm, don't remember what happened after that. oh right. i went swimming at the gym. good stuff. i should've gone yesterday, but didnt. i spent like 12 hours cleaning my room. saturday night i watched whip it. cute movie. makes me (almost) want to be a roller derby chick. almost.

tonight is a good night for new tv shows. the roomie and i are making dinner - gazpacho and my favorite potatoes. mmmmmm mmmm good. then i need to finish my room and head to bed after i pack for my few trips this week. i feel like i had something else to write about, but now i can't remember. so you've just wasted your time reading this. apologies.

oh, you can check out this really funny video:

thanks to jezebel for putting it up.

happy monday!

[song by the who]


  1. Oh my. I don't believe they put that up on the internet. Wow

  2. yeah, too bad people don't read comments first. but didn't you find the video funny??