Tuesday, August 17, 2010

dance before the police come!

just a quick note for today. have to head to work and am leaving there at 2:30pm for vermont for 2 days of intensive work. should be a good time, but will probably be busy. not sure i'll have a ton of "me" time, so i have to mentally prepare for that. i hope to be back in boston by 6 or so on thursday. then i leave 12 hours later for fargo. woo woo!

tonight i am hopefully meeting up with my friend, shad, from high school. he now lives in burlington, so it will be fun to see him. tuesday nights are usually wipeout nights for me. (btw, it was renewed for another season! it'll be back next summer! i think i should TOTALLY try out for it, dont you think?? i'm going to look into it. adding it to my to do list.) but it'll be nice to see someone from back in the day and have a few glasses of wine.

last night i watched weeds. i didn't think i'd stay awake the whole time, but i did. it was ok.... so-so. i think i've probably seen a lot of the episode in previews for the rest of the year. PLUS this is the first time i'm watching the series in real-time. normally i just watch it on dvd... what did you guys think about the show? i was checking out this link about upcoming tv shows this fall and i got a little excited for a few of them... check out this link for some previews. which ones look good to you? i'm looking forward to L&O: LA, of course (so sad lupo is gone!). outsourced looks funny, but potentially toooo much making fun?? idk. the defenders could be decent. i'd love to love running wilde, but the preview kind of looks like crap. but i love keri russell and will arnett. i'll probably have to check it out. oh, and i'm def looking forward to my generation since its basically about people my age. but thats too many shows to start watching. i'm going to have to reevaluate. especially because i'm trying to cut back on tv. what are you guys looking forward to?

i'm sure you're all wondering about the title for this ramble. its thanks to a coworker of mine. he sent me this link at huffpo of stupid album covers. this is my favorite.
i hope you're all dancing.


  1. i totally want to watch running wilde! oh, and chace... with jesse metcalfe. and i kind of want to watch melissa & joey. it'll likely only be a few episodes, so why not commit, short term? :)

  2. oh good! we can watch running wilde together. i dont know that i've heard of chace... and i LOVE the girl from melissa and joey. i might give it a shot. crap. thats a lot.