Wednesday, August 18, 2010

doin' my job

so just a quick note to say hello from burlington, vermont. i am here for work for today and tomorrow. i hope we get a lot done. i should be at work right now, but wanted to write really quickly.

last night was fun, i went out with a friend from high school. he picked me up at my hotel around 7pm and then we went to this restaurant (bluebird or something like that). its a cool restaurant, they use mostly local products. we had a drink at the bar and then got seated to eat. i had a salad, burger (which was ground there at the restaurant), and we shared a charcuterie board. mmmm mmmm good. i do love me some meat. oh, and a delicious bottle of wine. we were there for quite a while because his boyfriend came around 1030 to meet us for dessert. we didnt like anything at the resto, so we hustled to downtown burlington to the ben and jerry's store (they're from vermont, so it was a very "local" night) before they closed at 11pm. they dont serve my favorite ice cream in the store (just in pints - grrr!), so i had a scoop of cookies and cream or whatever its called. i should've just said goodnight at that point, but of course i didnt. the two of them walked me to my hotel and we had a drink in the lobby. then we came up to my room to read some emails from long ago. they left around 1230 or 1 and then i had to get ready for bed. i was up until at least 130. the alarm sounded much too early this morning.

i'm going out with coworkers after work, so i wont be able to come back to my hotel and relax (like i'd like). i have a ton of movies to watch. and i feel like i havent seen nearly enough in the movie theaters lately. anyone seen any good movies they want to recommend? i'm feeling off my movie game...

[song by t.i. since i'm in btv for work...]


  1. looking at your header d, think you've got to update it. we already talked about movies in theaters. but my favorites, if you want to rent them, are:

    jump tomorrow
    on the wings of a dove

  2. good call, [dave]. i'll try to update that soon...

    thanks for the movie suggestions! i'm gonna add them to my netflix. any in the theaters?