Thursday, August 19, 2010

i know what boys like

i know what boys like
i know what guys want
i know what boys like
boys like
boys like me

oh my goodness. a lot to write about today. i just woke up from 2 dreams. the first dream was that i was looking at my planner trying to figure out what i was doing the next day and i realized that i had a flight to hawai''i with my friend miss molly. so i was rushing around trying to pack in time. then i looked further in my planner and realized that the next day (which was a friday) i was flying to hawai'i and then coming back on monday. then the following tuesday, i was going home to fargo for my brothers wedding, but during that trip i had a flight to omaha. why omaha, you ask? i have no idea. perhaps i was going to get stock tips from warren buffett. i always wonder where dreams come from because this dream semi-makes sense. miss m and i have been talking about her coming to boston, so thats probably why she made an appearance. but hawai'i? i dont know. and then i AM going home for homie's wedding in october and while i'm home, i have to leave for california for some meetings for work. so that makes sense, but not the omaha part.

all that happened before i awoke for the day. my alarm went off at 6:07am and so i got up and was about to get ready to go to the gym when i thought "eh... why don't i put on a podcast and relax for a half hour?" of course that turned in to over an hour and i fell back asleep. i was half-conscious because i could hear the podcast and they were talking about moving and movies. so then i dreamt that my roommate, higgs, found an apartment for me and he signed the lease on my behalf, but i had never seen the apartment. and maybe we were in paris. and the apartment he found me as a 2 bedroom one with 2 bathrooms. which was cool, except i didn't know if he wanted me to continue paying rent on the place we had together. and then i was leaving for my trips again and so i was trying to rush pack for hawai'i and then pack to move. and then i met the landlord for the apartment and he was a little weird and was going to show me an apartment LIKE the one i had rented. but it wasn' the one i wanted. i forget how the dream ended, but i eventually fully woke up and thought "i have to write about this!"

what does it all mean?? any dream readers out there who can help me understand?

so last night was cool. we went to a coworkers house. his wife just had a baby so we went there to see the kid. when i got back to my hotel last night (which, btw, was a corner room on the top floor of the hilton, so i had a beautiful city and lake view), i was thinking "holy crap! babies are everywhere!" and they really are. one of my cousin's had a baby in march. then her sister had a baby last friday (friday the 13th baby!). my good friend had a baby in june and i emailed said friend to ask her if she knew of any potential daycares / nurseries for my cousin's newborn (when she starts work again - she's not trying to get rid of him already!). i also asked my friend if she knew of any place we could borrow a car seat because ANOTHER cousin (on my dad's side this time) is coming for homie's wedding in october and they need a car seat while they're here. my friend knew both of day cares AND can lend us a car seat. THEN i found out that my good friend from high school is pregnant. she is due in march. finally, i was hanging out with babies last night. its like an ONSLAUGHT of babies! its craaaayyyyzzzzeee!

i guess i'm getting to that age where everyone (except me) is having babies. oh wait! another friend's sister is having a baby, too. this is starting to weird me out...

[i woke up with the "i know what boys like" song in my head... i don't know who sings it]



  2. I bet someone was trying to steal your deepest, darkest secrets from your dreams. That's the only thing that makes sense to me.

  3. a-ha! you solved the case, ace.

    that would make for a great movie plot.