Thursday, August 12, 2010


ugh. super busy at work yesterday. didn't leave until 630 or so, then had to stop at cvs and was too exhausted to think about making a salad (which is really what i should've done), so i picked up dinner. i had the leftovers for breakfast, so thats good. writing this just now i realized that i have to get vegetables from the farmer's market today. i forgot bags to bring. shucks. i guess i'll have to figure something out.

anyway, i wanted to go to a movie after work yesterday, but was at work too late. maybe i'll try again today, except looking at my calendar, i am in meetings from 11am to 4:30pm with a one hour break at 1. crazy crazy. tomorrow i am in meetings from 9:30-2:30. basically i won't have any time to do the work that i get assigned in all these meetings. sigh. i shouldn't complain. i actually prefer to be busy.

ok, i actually have two questions. first, i realized last weekend that i am missing my copy of love me if you dare (jeux d'enfants in french). did i lend it to one of you?? i don't necessarily need it back, but i'm just surprised i don't remember who i gave it to...

second, i need a new moisturizer. any suggestions on brands? i like biore, but their moisturizer comes in two different parts that you have to mix together and sometimes one part doesn't come out, which is annoying. PLUS, the bottle is so small, i keep buying it every month, and that is annoying. i'd like a moisturizer that scores high on this cosmetic database site that rates products based on their ingredients and how good they are for you. yesterday i bought aveeno moisturizer with spf 30, but it scores a 6 on this database (which is a different color and therefore more dangerous...?). i'd also really prefer for it to be organic and made in the US. is this asking too much??

i think i've made a decision on my room. i'm going to keep the bed the way it is now. maybe try and turn the mattress. i'm not sure about that part just yet. but then i am going to move my dresser in to the corner of the room (next to the bed) and then put the chair back where it was. i am sure this makes no sense to you, but i am just talking it out right now. i need to get my room back in order. its kind of driving me batty. AND i am going to go through my clothes AGAIN and try to get rid of more other stuff. i'm trying very very hard to be more streamlined. trying is the key word.

oh crap. i just realized i'll have a ton of veg tonight so probably won't go to a movie. that might be weird to bring a bunch of vegetables to the movie theater. but... hmmm... we'll see, i guess.

what are you up to tonight?

[i'm listening to this song "home" by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros. i LOVE this song. have you heard it? and how fun of a name is "edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros" especially when no one in the group is named edward sharpe!]

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