Wednesday, August 11, 2010

mr. jones

whew! expensive few days! and very unproductive days. i have been pretty busy and productive at work, but have done nothing good at home. in fact, monday night, i was frustrated with my room, so i rearranged it. but now its a mess again. i can't decide if i want to keep it this way, so i'm kind of just waiting until i make up my mind. and am living in chaos until then. i hope to decide tonight or tomorrow. i'd def like to have a clean room by the weekend.

so that was monday night. last night, i planned to fix my room, but i got distracted by two things: 1) talking to a friend online for 2 hours who i hardly ever talk to now and 2) helping my brother and his fiancee buy a ticket for their honeymoon to cabo in november. i'm really really excited for them to go. AS LONG AS THEY WEAR SUNSCREEN. hear that, homie?? i'm super nervous about them getting burnt and ruining their vacation (and that whole skin cancer thing). so maybe for their birthdays i'll get them some sunscreen. yep, i just decided. thats what they'll get. sorry to ruin the surprise.

so yeah, ticket last night, then i bought another ticket this morning. i got an email alert that the price of tickets from bos to orlando has gone down. so i bought one. just cause. ha ha. not really. my littlest brother is playing basketball in florida over thanksgiving. so i'm gonna go! woo hoo! so this means i'll have to take the day after thanksgiving off, which i NEVER do because i never go home for the holiday. its always a nice, easy day at work. but i guess i'd rather be with my family instead. so i head there thanksgiving day and then back on monday morning, where i'll go straight to work. and i have 2 trips planned before then to head back to fargo. i'm gonna see my family so much! i'll probably get sick of them. :)

and i need to start budgeting. good thing i have some leftovers in the fridge downstairs. and we're getting more veg tomorrow. i need to start bringing salads to work. save some money and eat healthy and dont let food go to waste. thats my new motto. or something.

so tonight i need to get back to the gym or do something to move my body. i've been feeling rather sedentary since my trip. not good. and i also need to decide on my room. if anyone is available tonight and wants to give me some tips via skype, let me know. i'm happy to show you my mess.

[Mr. Jones from 1993 is a song from VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 90s by Counting Crows. i have absolutely no relevant reason for using it here. just random.]