Wednesday, July 21, 2010

good vibrations

so yesterday was uber busy. here is what i wanted to do:
  • tuesday - ride bike (now that i didnt drop it off) to target and home depot and return items. get toothpaste and toilet paper at cvs. drop off bike to get fixed? write blog posts. watch one movie to return to netflix. go through donation items. pack for europe.
i was actually really productive, but even then, i didnt get everything done. i was at work until 615 or so. i walked home (which counts as exercise!) and stopped at cvs to get things (didn't get the t.p. bcs higgs said he'd get that at the weekend) and then stopped at the bike shop in my neighborhood to see how much it was for them to give my bike a good tune up. it was $65 which i was quite shocked at. i'm certain it was $30 in fargo. sigh. so i ask if i could bring the bike in that night, rather than ride it all the way to rei. she said i could, but they were closing in 2 min. right. they closed at 7pm. well i'm not sure if i'll have time tonight to bring my bike in, so i figured i'd have to take it to rei, which meant another little workout, which is good, and then i'm a member of rei, so i get a "dividend" later. might as well go there.

so on my way home i had to stop for some dinner because, despite my earlier declaration of not eating out this week, that's pretty much all i have done because
WE DONT HAVE ANY FOOD. i should've gotten groceries last weekend, but i didn't think we needed any, was partially hungover, AND didn't really have time, oh and i'm leaving tomorrow, so it would probably go bad anyway. higgs and i were talking about how we keep thinking all the veggies we get from the farm each week will feed us all the time. but not if you throw dinner parties and make food for others (which i guess happened last week). AND you need stuff to cook with the veg. i think we technically have cucumbers, but i just wasn't feeling it last night. so i stopped to get chicken naan. i also rationalized that i should go there because i didn't go to mela last week and i'll be gone for 2 weeks, so if i didn't go for a month straight, they'd probably forget about me.

got home, ate quickly, jumped on my bike to rei and dropped it off. they are also going to install a pedometer on it. except thats not really a pedometer because it counts the wheel turns not the feet steps. so i guess they're installing a wheelometer for me. i can pick it up when i get back. i was going to walk home, but by this time it was almost 9 and therefore dark. i meant to wear light colored clothing to the bike store, but i forgot and was wearing all black. its a good thing i have such pasty skin, my arms act like a natural light reflector. i took the t home because by then it was pretty dark. i popped in my movie when i got home and started packing. higgs is probably not pleased that there is a suitcase in the waiting room again. sorry, but there's no room in my room. i picked everything out, so i just have to now put everything in the suitcases. i am trying super super hard to pack minimally. we'll see how that goes.

i fell asleep taking a break from packing and missed a bunch of the movie. i got up, organized a bit and then went to bed. not enough sleep!

oh, final thing that happened yesterday that was funny. this guy at work, who used to be my old boss, said to me, "danielle! what did you do to your hair?" i turned back into his office and he brings up how he has to watch days of our lives with his wife sometimes (sure, sure) and apparently there is someone on it who has a purple splotch of hair. he asked his wife why women did that and she said "that's in style. women just do it sometimes." i think he was comparing my tipping to purple hair! so i made a joke about it and he's like "no, no, your hair looks fine." *i* actually DO think it looks fine. MORE than fine. silly old men.

[Good Vibrations 1991, #1 VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 90s Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch]


  1. noooo silly. i wouldn't do that anymore because of work. my tips are black, though. well, more like really really dark brown. i'm going to have blue hair for your wedding, though. to match the dress.

  2. your tips are totally not black. they're brown. it looks natural. or, well, it makes your blonde hair look dyed. but not in a bad way. :)

    ooh, i want to put some blue in my hair, too. let's share a bottle!

  3. AND - now that i've read the actual post...

    a) i don't mind the suitcase. i thought about being annoyed by it last night, but it turns out that i'm not. there's no room in your room because you have too much furniture.

    b) i don't like "if you...make food for others (which i guess happened last week)" - i didn't use anything but some of the basil for the dinner i cooked my friends. don't make it sound like we have no food because i am busy nourishing the masses! lol

  4. oh no! lol. i didn't mean to put it that way at all! i just meant that we have been having people over (e.g. chris & kelly, as well as others) for which we use up the veg. which is a GOOD THING. it just means we have to get more food is all.

    PS. i LOVE dinner parties, btw.