Thursday, July 22, 2010

nuthin' but a g thang

so slightly worried now that i think about it. 1) i'm worried that my passport expires soon. i was thinking that i got it in 2002 because thats when i moved to france (and they're good for 10 years, so it would expire in 2012), but then i remembered, i got it in 2001 because i was stuck in france on september 11th. which should still give me another year, but what if they made a mistake and it expires soon? AND that means i only have a few months to add as many stamps as possible (i got extra pages sewn in to my passport last year and now want to fill them up because i actually have few stamps on the new pages) before getting a new passport. iiiinteresting (i'm just realizing this as i type, which means that i am now planning trips in my mind to far away exotic places that will stamp my passport)... but i'm also worried because 2) i don't actually know WHERE my passport is. i remember seeing it recently and putting it somewhere thinking "oh, i'll need this soon, i'll remember putting it HERE." but now i can't actually remember where HERE is. i told higgi that i'm not sure where it is and he said i could use his if i needed to. what a great roommate! don't you think?? i wonder how many people would offer up his or her passports for someone else. AND no mention of a rental fee! also, we have determined that we people will probably not question the woman handing over a man's passport aspect. and IF they were to do so, i would easily be able to make them feel uncomfortable for asking me about it. problem solved!

ok, so update (i wrote all that yesterday at work): i forgot i didnt have my passport until i was about to go to bed and was rereading what i wrote. i started having minor heart palpitations because i couldnt remember where my passport was. i spent about a half hour looking for it and was ready to freak out when i found it. it was NOT in a logical place. annoying. oh crap. i didn't look at when it expires.

i just looked. july 2011. i've got one more year.


ok, so just a summary. it's 4:35 and i have been up since... well, awake since 3 or so and up for about an hour. i set my alarm for 4am so i could finish packing and go through my donation stuff AND so i'll be sleepy tonight at 5pm for my flight. we'll see if that happens. last night i went out with a coworker which was good and then was about to walk home but it was NASTY STICKY out. so i walked half way then took the bus to the sushi restaurant to get me some yummy food. i went home to eat it and then left to meet up with friends at the beehive, which is this bar/club place playing live music. i had a scoop of ice cream and then went home to talk to a friend in n'awlins who, i had no effin idea, is actually a lawyer in a very important on-going case in the gulf... dum dum dum... crazy man, totally blowed my mind. so then i really went to bed. and woke up early! i'm kind of annoyed i woke up so early. grr. BUT on to more important things... today is... the day i leave for europe, yes, BUT it's also...


its my littlest brother's 23rd birthday. here is a picture of us from my cousin's wedding last year - yes, family, you were cropped out. sorry!

so here is a fun birthday cake for you, player. hope you have a great day! sorry for leaving for europe on your day. and also i have a gift for you but decided not to send it since i'll be home in a few weeks... so we'll celebrate then.

catch ya'll on the flip side!

[Nuthin' but a G Thang from 1992, hit #2 VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 90s Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Doggy Dogg) because my brother's a gangsta]


  1. You know I'm gangsta. And if you don't believe, I'll pop a cap in ya a**!

  2. Hey. Cool cake. Happy Day Eric! Have a good trip danielle. I am having minor panic attacks about not being able to call you whenever I want. I may have to call Higgs to fill in for you!!

  3. Hope you had an awesome birthday, Eric... Renae, feel free to call or Skype me anytime. I'll tell you how "annoyed" I am at things, and discuss outlandish new furniture purchases with you. I'm pretty sure I could do a decent danielle stand-in. :)

    d - I think we should test out the passport situation some day. Do you think we'd just be turned away if it didn't work, or would we be arrested?

  4. yeah... i wonder. i think arrested. maybe we wish to avoid. wait. wouldnt it just be ME arrested??