Tuesday, July 20, 2010

one week

sometimes i get in taxi cabs and worry that i have just sat on a needle that is infected with something bad. like maybe its full of hiv+ blood. i know that sounds really bizarre and annoying, but i think i read a story about that years and years ago (someone was purposely leaving needles in movie theaters and taxis for people to sit on and get infected. i feel like this was in texas and it was a woman who was upset she was infected) and now, every now and then, i think about that. i thought about that tonight on my ride home from my friend's house. i went over to her place after work for dinner. we have been trying to meet up since i moved back to boston at the end of may. i didn't realize it, but now i do, it turns out that i'm the one who always cancels. oops. was NOT a hint at anything, at all. i'm just an introvert and always have to be mentally prepared to do things.

initially, i was going to ride my bike over to her place, which is right by the charles river and has a fabulous view of the river and cambridge. its got a really cool roof deck. but when i left work, it was extremely very super humid and gross, so i just took the t to her place instead. she made a fabulous asian salad (can i get the recipe??) and we had some wine and then went on her roof deck and had italian ices. mmmm. it was good. i took a cab home (no needle!) because it was raining. i was going to go to bed right away, my higgi had a friend over so i chatted with them over some bubbly (obviously, very natural) and then remembered i have to do laundry before my trip this week. i keep going through my list of things to do in my head:
  • monday - dinner at lisa's. drop off bike to get fixed (didn't happen - now i have to figure out when to do that). laundry
  • tuesday - ride bike (now that i didnt drop it off) to target and home depot and return items. get toothpaste and toilet paper at cvs. drop off bike to get fixed? write blog posts. watch one movie to return to netflix. go through donation items. pack for europe.
  • wednesday - drinks with coworker after work. go to gym. shower and do hair for trip. finalize packing. try not to get a lot of sleep so i will be tired on plane on thur.
  • thursday - take sleeping pill at 5pm. go to bed on flight.
  • friday - take tube to work. attempt to stay awake all day. meet elaine and walk to train station. take train to france. attempt to stay awake. get to apartment. go to bed forever. for-ever. for-ever.

[One Week 1998 VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 90s Barenaked Ladies


  1. What a schedule. Or, as they say in Canada, what a shedule.
    Sounds like you've got a ton to do.