Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"you've earned every squeeze"

ok. enough is enough. i've said this for EVER and... well, its time. effective my birthday, next week, i am quitting facebook. i can't come up with a reason to keep using it aside from keeping in touch with my high school crush. and, let's be honest. i'm not REALLY keeping in touch with him other than checking every now and then to see if he is still dating that skanky whore. no, i'm kidding. i'm sure she's... ummm, yeah.

i actually started this rambling on february 22. thats almost 3 months ago! and since then, i've been saving any facebook article i find and there are a LOT. and NONE of them are GOOD. privacy issues here, data mining there. how is the "networking" that it provides worth all of these issues? i don't get it. i just dont get it. and i even gave it a shot. the past few weeks, i have logged in often and tried doing those stupid updates and its really uninteresting to me. and then when facebook changed their privacy settings, all these people who i hardly know and some i dont even like, tried to be friends with me! and i dont want to be a bitch and NOT friend them, but at the same time... they're NOT my friends! why should i give them access to my updates and my actual friends and ... well, everything. and i absolutely HATE it when people "tag" me in those stupid photos! its really effing annoying. i don't appreciate people posting pictures of me that their "friends" who i dont know, can see. ugh! its so frustrating. so i'm quitting. i'm stopping. i'm out. as of next week. we'll give HIM a week to get in touch with me. we'll see what happens. wink, wink.

so that you can see just how DIRE the situation is with facebook and your privacy and the scariness of it all, check out these articles - i'll try to summarize them for you. but sometimes, the title just says it all. (oh, but before that, this was pretty great about facebook owning south dakota. i'm just glad its not north.) to begin, you can check out this facebook timeline.
BUT i do understand the importance of social networks. wait. is importance the right word? i understand their impact to society. this is a decent article on which social network is right for you. i might start using linkedin more, BUT the same thing there - i HATE "connecting" to people i dont want to be connected to. ugh.

IF you are going to keep your facebook account (i dont know WHY), then please please please read this article about restoring your privacy. if you're all about deleting your accounts, like me, check out this article on how to delete them forever (on many different social networks). this one is specifically for deleting facebook forever. and if you do, as i will next week, we won't be the only ones doing it. check out this article about how many people are searching to delete their accounts.

phew. i'm tired. exhausted, even. just from rereading all these articles and summarizing them. think about it people. is it worth it??

oh, and the final straw that just came out today - delete your account, but they're keeping your information.

[i'm writing this as i watch dwts from last night and just heard tom bergeron say "you've earned every squeeze" and thought it was just... hilariously perfect.]


  1. i am literally SHOCKED i have no responses... i take that to mean that people don't agree with me, BUT are going to use fb anyway...

  2. I actually had quite a long response written, but then accidentally closed my browser, so I was too pissed to write it back again. But mostly, I don't agree with most of it. I think, that yeah, it's a pain in the ass to get your facebook profile private, but it can be done. I find much more benefit from using facebook then not.

  3. like what? what do you like about it? i just dont understand whats so great...

  4. I like that it's easy to know when my friend's birthday's are. It's also makes it easy to stay in touch with people. I like it.