Saturday, May 29, 2010

up all night (frankie miller goes to hollywood)

it's 3:09am on saturday morning (/friday night) and there are birds CHIRPING out my window. is that normal?? i have no idea. i am not usually awake at this time. which is to say that it is not that i just WOKE UP. i have been awake since friday morning when i got up to go to work. i left work at about 3pm today (friday, that is, technically "today" is saturday) because it was the day before a holiday and the office closed at 2. i had enough stuff to do to stay longer, BUT i really really really need to unpack and get my place organized or my whole zenness is gone... or never arrived, i guess. i'm feeling a lot of self-imposed pressure to get this place in tip-top shape. ohh and now i have even MORE pressure (and external forces, at that): guests coming sunday morning. SO.... i have less than 48 hours to get this place in order. i walked home with a bunch of stuff in my bag, such that my back and shoulder hurt. i must find a masseuse here in boston. any suggestions? and i stopped for some chicken naan - LOVE it - so i didnt get home until 4pm. i ate and then higgi and i got to work. we picked out spots for all our artwork. it was so much fun! i'm really excited to hang things. then i set out working on the 20 or so boxes with some sort of kitchen stuff in them (also including, but not limited to, a pair of boots i bought in france and have never worn - they are STILL sexy sexy, sheets, a magazine rack, underwear (clean! i promise!), lots and LOTS of socks, golf balls, etc). we figured out what we would keep out and what i would put in storage, once i have bins in which to store them. this is all with some wine, of course.

we did a bit of work upstairs and after higgs left, i talked to a friend in asia online. it was good fun talking to her and she is the reason why i am still online (although technically she no longer is... hmph). i've been organizing my books and realized a few things:
  1. i buy a lot of books
  2. i have not read 90% of them
  3. i have a lot of books on how to learn french and how to learn german
  4. i barely speak french and do not speak german
  5. i have a lot of books that would be FABULOUS for my career
  6. i need to read them
  7. i have a lot of books that were cheap that i probably shouldn't have bought
  8. once i read them, i will donate them

i JUST put on a podcast while i was thinking of some more things i learned about myself during the unpacking and she said "do you have too many business books and not enough time to read them?" thats me!! holy crap! how ironic. i'll have to listen to what she says.

anyway, i think i did a pretty good job of packing... only 3 broken glasses! (one wine glass, one martini glass, and one sushi bowl) i can't find a lamp, so that is a bit interesting... i have the lamp shade and the twisty thing that goes on TOP of the lamp (to hold the lamp shade in). but no actual lamp. hmph.

so my first (business) week (5 days) in boston is almost over. thus far, i have run to catch the bus, worn the same sweat pants for 4 days (NOT to work - but changed when i got home), locked myself out of the apartment, almost caught up on my restaurants (i had a certain number i really wanted to eat at when i got back), worked two days, found about 39 bruises all over my lower body. and more, i'm sure.

saturdays goals (after i wake up): get furniture, finish basement, finish books, finish bedroom, finish jewelry, finish bathroom. potentially go to work to catch up on emails, etc.

having said all that, i need to go to bed. time is now 3:24.... night!

[song (because i am up so late!) is by counting crows. i dont listen to them or have their cd, but this song name was on a list about ... something. nice title. its funny. get it? ha ha]


  1. You DO speak French. Give me a break. You took a hundred years of French. You lived there for 15 months. It may be bit rusty but you do speak it. So there.