Sunday, May 30, 2010

baby don't hurt me

sunday morning. i set my alarm for 9:40 am so i could finish picking up and organizing before i have people over today, BUT i woke up at 7am because of some cats in the park fighting. it sounded like it was right next to my ear. i stayed in bed until 8 trying to get back to sleep and was not able to. its after 9 now and so i am going to throw some books in a box and take them downstairs to storage. then i need to vacuum and sweep the floor and... i guess i should probably eat breakfast and then shower and get ready.

one of my best friends is moving from boston - she actually moved TO boston when i moved away, SO... i'm thinking this is some sort of hint or something that she doesnt want to be in the same city as me. :) actually, she just graduated from babson and is moving to texas. she is having a going away party today: first at a restaurant in my neighborhood and then at her place afterwards. since she's coming all the way over to this area, i thought i'd have her and her bf over for some mimosas before brunch. so that is what i'm getting ready for.

my room is still a mess. actually, the word "mess" is being too nice. its a disaster. whenever i dont know where to put something, i just throw it in my room. then i'll start organizing my room and i'll make piles on my bed, then not get to them until later, which just means that when i want to go to bed, i have to clear off the piles and i still have no where to put them, so i just throw everything on the floor. then the cycle repeats the next day. ugh.

well i'm off to be super productive and get clean...

[my roommate has "what is love? baby, don't hurt me, don't hurt me" on downstairs. hence the subject by haddaway. feel free to begin bobbing head a la night at the roxbury.]


  1. getting a dresser and a bookshelf for your bedroom will help. Have fun today! Don't worry about your room. It will get done eventually

  2. That's how it starts with ALL the hoarders. I should know, I think I'm borderline right now.