Saturday, May 15, 2010

fly away

by the time you read this, i'll be flying in the air above on my way from either smf to den or den to far. wait. why are you reading this on a saturday??? loser! go outside and DO something! at the very least, get ready for my party. :) [this is funny because we all know that the first thing i'll do when i get home is pull out my computer and log on. but thats ok, i AM a loser. you are not.]

also by the time you read this i am cursing myself for booking such an effin early flight. 6am out of sacramento. and i'm staying about 40 min from the airport, which means i had to leave my house around 4am so that i could load my stuff up, drive to the airport in the DARK, drop off the rental car and then head in to the airport, which is going to be quite cumbersome because i'll have 3 suitcases and a purse. bleh. i booked this flight so my company could save like $200. now, i'm thinking, "what the heck?? they dont care about two hundred bucks but my sleep-deprived body does!" oh well. too late now. hopefully i'm home. to be fair, i DO like traveling early in the morning because most flights are less full and the airlines havent had time to be delayed. (that's me, liking no crowds and being on time) BUT i always worry about not waking up on time and missing my flight. and i have taken a LOT of early morning flights. and too many flights have come after 2 or 3 hours of sleep because 1) i rarely start packing until 1am or 2) ... nope. just the packing thing. i guess sometimes i've gone out before a flight. yeah, that happens more often than not because i'm able to sleep on the plane. over the years, i have developed quite a few tricks to make sure i wake up on time. such as 1) before going to sleep, i drink like two or three glasses of water so that when my alarm goes off, my body HAS to get up to go to the bathroom. 2) i set two or three alarms and 3) if i'm going to get less than 4 hours of sleep, i sleep with the light on so its easier for me to wake up. since i am writing this in advance, i cant tell you if i've had to any of these things today, but i'm hoping not. i'd like to be in bed by 9pm or so... and i hope it will be easy for me to sleep because i had a massage at 4:30. i packed one suitcase on thur night and brought a bunch of boxes to work to ship. so i should be good to go. i never did get to drink the bubbly i had in the fridge. shucks. guess i'll leave that for my hosts. enjoy, a&j!

in any case, i'm back in far. (i hope!) short short short trip - only 4 days. wish me luck. or something. catch you on the flip side.

[by lenny kravitz because... dum dum dum... i'm flying!]


  1. danielle, I'm a loser. It's Sat. morning and I'll see you soon, after I'm done golfing of course. Oh, and don't bother me while the Preakness is on, ok?

  2. danielle, i'm not a loser and thanks for telling everyone that.