Friday, May 14, 2010

don't speak

its thursday night. i am at the salon. getting my hair did. i really like having a stylist that gets to know you and remembers things you talk about each time you go. i've been to a LOT of stylists all over and i have finally found 2 or 3 i like. they're all around the country, so thats good. i have my stylist i have been seeing since my sophomore year prom in high school (back in fargo). my mom and i even switched salons when she moved. then i have my stylist in california (who i am seeing right now, but i'm under the heater and she has netbooks for people to use! how cool is that??). then, of course, right before i left, i found a stylist in columbus who i really really liked. i would def go see her again (i saw her twice). but i have never ONCE found a stylist i connect with in boston. and that is sad since i am moving back there. oh, the best haircut i EVER got was by this guy in paris. it was fab-u-lous. i could never find him again, though...

anyway, i'm at the salon and its been a busy few days. i went yesterday to see my friend in the middle of nowhere, california. we were to meet at this cafe in turlock, ca, but i drove to the address and it wsan't there. so i found this irish/english pub and we met there instead. she is heading to the philippines, so i wanted to see her before she leaves. it was GOOD FUN catching up and we took pictures of first dude and whatnot. i'll try to post them if i can get my camera set up. i left work around 315 and then drove the 1hr 45 min to see her. we were together until about 8pm and then i drove home, getting back to sac around 10pm. i was dead tired, and yet still managed to stay up until 1130 doing nothing worthwhile online. oops. i even meant to do yoga, but didnt. the past two days have been pretty sedentary and i dont love that. i basically, woke up, went to work, sat, went home (or to turlock), sat some more, then went to bed. i think you need to have at LEAST 30 min of exercise a day. it just doesnt make sense that its good for our bodies to not move around a lot. i need to go for a walk or do something tonight BUT i'm going to have fancy, great hair, so... what ever will i do?? maybe i'll do yoga. and try to get to bed early because tomorrow (which is most likely today that i am posting) i am heading to work, then i have a massage after work (mmmmm... massaaaaggggeee). then i head home and am going out with my friend most likely and then i have to go to bed early because i have to get up at 330 am so i can make my 6am flight. ug. i HATE IT when i pick early flights and then regret it. bleh.


ok i wrote all that while i was at the salon earlier. now i'm at home and just finished packing one suitcase and a bunch of fed ex boxes. yep, thats right. i have to ship some stuff to boston. thats ok. its better than me carrying it to fargo, unpacking, repacking, then moving it to boston. i'll let fed ex do that. yippee!

for some fun for you all, i thought you might enjoy this link that talks about the fact that clever people drink more alcohol. :)
here is one of the charts they have on their site:
my vocabulary isnt that great, but i like to think its greater than 5...

oh, also here is a great posting by someone who explains how great the album "tragic kingdom" is. do you like it??

[i once got my hair cut like gwen stefani's in the video "don't speak"]


  1. in almost every single chart and variable, i fall within the highest % drinking group. i feel perfectly (and perhaps dangerously) justified for my indulgences, now...

  2. that's what i'm here for! making my friends feel better about themselves.... :)