Sunday, March 28, 2010

spinning wheel

i hate sundays. and i'm particularly annoyed with last night.

it's 11:15am and i'm bored. i've already watched a movie this morning and caught up on all my reading. what else am i to do today?? i have to meet the trainer at noon and i think i'm breaking up with her. i'm just not impressed and i get frustrated and pissed off. i guess i'll go back in to work and try and do some things. i'd go see a movie, but not sure if the times work for me. i have a 40% off coupon at borders so maybe i'll head over there and see what i can buy to give me a thrill for about 4.987 seconds. then what? i've already seen a movie in the theater this weekend - friday night i went to see chloe. not a bad flick. i guess i have 2 netflixes i need to watch. i'll probably try to go rollerblading. we'll see. maybe i'll go to a coffee shop and read a book or work on my german. but even that sounds boring. bleh.

so last night around 2:30am i woke up. i was annoyed because i had taken 2 tylenol pms since i could sleep in today. i fell back asleep only to be awoken at 4am by the freakiest thing. someone was walking around the hotel pounding on doors. but it wasn't a knock. it was like with the palm of his/her hand. bam, bam bam. bam bam, bam bam. when it first woke me up, it was far away - at the end of the building. but it grew closer and i could hear people above me get up and walk around. i don't think they opened their door. i laid in bed terrified that someone would figure out i was in this room. i didn't move because the bed is kind of creaky. i didnt want to check the time on my computer afraid the blue light would shine through the door and he/she would figure out that i was in here. i willed myself to go back to sleep but wasn't sure if i would be able to because i usually fall asleep with some sort of noise on - tv, radio or computer playing something. and i didn't want to do that because i didnt want to be found out. after about a half hour i think i fell back asleep and then woke up after 8 this morning.

and, of course, now that the sun is shining, this place seems totally normal and without fright. i ignore the sketchy people who come and go. i haven't seen any one person enough to think that he or she is living here (like me). which is really depressing now that i think about it. who would live here?? no one. except me. this is not ideal. maybe after i do the dishes today (woo hoo! something to do today - bleh) i'll take some pictures and post them for your enjoyment. it most certainly should make you feel better about whatever your current station in life is.

i don't even have anything fun to add to this today. there was nothing interesting to read about.

maybe going to a movie is the best idea. what movie do you suggest i see? here are some i might see:
creation - not really interested in seeing, BUT i bought a movie pass for this theater and this is the only movie that they are currently showing that i am even slightly interested in seeing. and i have 5 movies to use up at this theater before i leave
greenberg - looks good and its at my favorite theater, tower theater, but is it going to be sad??
a prophet - also at tower theater, and in french, but it looks super dark
alice in wonderland - def want to see, but am i in the mood? and do i see it in 3d or not?
brooklyn's finest - no idea if this is good or not - havent heard anything about it but i like richard gere and don cheadle
hot tub time machine (??) - this could be extremely funny or totally horrible. do i dare waste the money?
shutter island - def want to see but am i in the mood for scary by myself?
the bounty hunter - again, this is probably horrible, but sometime i like seeing horrible movies just so i have something else to direct anger at.

what do you suggest?

[spinning wheel by blood sweat and tears chosen because i feel like i'm just going to be spinning my wheels today.]


  1. Is The Ghost Writer movie in the area?? I hear that is good.

  2. it is in the area and it is good. saw it a few weeks ago...

  3. Brooklyn's Finest and let me know how it is.

  4. Lindsay and I just got back from Alice in Wonderland. We liked it. Good flick.

  5. hot tub time machine, go now

  6. Go see Shutter Island and then tell your mom it's ok to see. Thanks

  7. ok, so i'm going to go see alice, hut tub, brooklyn's finest, and shutter island. but i can't this week. i dont have a car. so once i see them, i'll let you know...