Monday, March 29, 2010


in honor of monday, my favorite day of the week, i figured i would put up some things for you to enjoy. things that made me smile. i feel like others don't like mondays and that's too bad. maybe this will help.

i was totally stoked a few months ago when listoftheday posted their video of the day from my favorite group, garbage. just awesome.

this video from jezebel makes getting stuck in an airport look super fun. i've never had to spend the night in an airport (knock on wood) and i've flown quite a bit. now i kind of want to...

this site has pictures of kit kats from around the world. i think i've only had regular, but its still fun to look at

once i learn to kayak, i am TOTALLY doing this (higgi, you're totally coming with me!):

and this video found here kind of makes me want to make my own twinkies. or at least eat someone else's that are homemade. regular twinkies are NASTY though.

tonight i am getting my hair done - woo hoo! and then... well, i guess nothing. yoga next monday. woo hoo! so what makes you happy on mondays? and what do you think about twinkies?

[song: obviously by garbage]


  1. What makes me happy on Mondays? New episodes of "Hoarders." I'm THAT easy to please.

  2. "Hoarders" really?? i have never really watched that show. does it work? do they change? or do they just show people with lots of stuff and thereby make the rest of us feel better because we dont have THAT much??

  3. Mondays are my least favorite day of the week. Never been a fan of twinkies.

  4. other than the minnesota twinkies, of course...

  5. I don't think about Twinkies either. OF all the junk food and candy out there....Twinkies don't even make the list.

  6. SOME of the hoarders change. Others make you want to strangle them. Either way, once the show is done, I have a gigantic burst of energy to clean my house.

  7. thats worthwhile enough - just to have motivation to clean.