Saturday, March 27, 2010

six underground

greetings from sacramento and the office. yes, its saturday night and i am at work. its not so bad. there is actually another guy here. i'm not sure what he's doing. it can't be work (unlike me - ha!), but i'm not sure. my trainer came this morning and i'm kind of thinking its a waste of money. e.g. today, we went up and down stairs and then did knee lifts in my room. i mean, i could do that myself. i just really would have to actually force myself to do it. my trainer in columbus, tt, was really good. i miss him. *weep*

i came in because i have about 100 things to watch and do online, but the internet at my place is so crap, its not even worth it to try. every now and then i think "wow, what if i had gone to africa?" and using the internet in my room is like that - i'm sure the internet would be waay slower, if even around, in africa. its crazy and sad how much i depend on my computer. i guess its mostly because i live in an area where i dont know a lot of people and spend a lot of time on my own...

oh, yeah, back to my day. trainer came over, then i watched entourage season 5 and wrote some cards. then i went rollerblading, showered and came in to work. i'm watching a video of a guy eating the hottest chili in the world, the bhut jalokia. it looks good. he is getting sick, but i think i would like to try it. i bet it would give me a new-found appreciation for serrano and wasabi and whatnot (both of which i LOVE).

i think i'll spend another hour here or so, then go get some food and head home to watch law and order. i like that nbc repeats them on saturday nights, i'm always dead tired by 10pm during the week.

and now for your viewing pleasure, take a look at this side-by-side picture of mcdonalds food taken one year apart (same food!). eek. found here. scary. just think about it.

[is a song by the British band Sneaker Pimps, from their 1996 album Becoming X - i love this song and i figured it was appropriate because eating macdo all the time could leave you in a grave 6 feet under mwahahahaha [insert evil laugh]]


  1. i looooooove six underground. with that overly 90s angsty Blade-esque video.

  2. i just watched this video and spin spin sugar - never seen either before. love it!